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Battle of the Atom #2So basically this whole crossover was just an excuse to get Kitty and the original five to go to Scott’s side, cause that’s all I got out of this final issue.

You get all this lead up, a big ass battle, then old!Jean goes and vaporizes herself and yay, story’s over, some people died, but all’s good, everyone is going back to their corners and don’t mind Kitty throwing a temper tantrum.

There is very little solid character development and the whole thing seems rushed even though they had  something like ten issues to work on this. Everything is literally thrown together with a bunch of cut/paste epilogues. You might want to blame the fact that with a cross over event you have several different writers and some the nuances can be lost. But in the end, this was one of the worst wastes of time in a long while. Even AvX had better characterizations and an better overall plot.

One good thing I can say about BotA #2 is there is one page that is pretty much solid. It’s the page where Jean bitching out Scott and Wolvie for basically being the reason why everything sucks right now. Because, yeah, their stories are at the center of why the X-Men Universe can’t have nice things. They are both jerks with unhealthy obsessions over a woman and who need to be slapped and forcibly retired imho. And the saddest part is that neither of them can see it.

And apparently neither can the writers.

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Uncanny X-Men #13Everyone gets impaled on a sword! You get impaled, and you get impaled, everyone, gets, impaled!

That’s pretty much the only thing I got from this issue. Everyone is fighting each other. A lot of people got stabbed. It’s pretty much the issue where most of the characters get offed so that there won’t be many loose threads to deal with at the end.

It’s also the issue that would make River Song scream. Seriously, the amount of ‘stops right before reveals something of the future’ and spoiler alerts is just bloody annoying, especially since, as I’ve said before, unless some of this stuff is to pay off nearly immediately, it will all be forgotten in a year. So why do this to us? It’s bloody pointless.

But there is the interesting point that the kids can’t go back it seems. Basically they mucked up the time stream royal. 

Why does this not surprise me?

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All-New X-Men #17Time Travel! You get to time travel! And you get to time travel! Everyone gets to time travel!

Have I mentioned how much I hate time travel arcs? Jubilee is going by Wolverine now, which is kinda nice, except it will never actually happen because they will never let Logan die. And how does Quire play host to the Phoenix Force if it’s been destroyed? Why can’t it stay dead too? Don’t get me started on the possible parentage of Kymera. UGH!

It is interesting to see that glimpse of the future and just how the one group of X-Men went off their rocker. Dazzler as President? Yeah, I can see it.

But all things considered, this “Event” has been running at a pretty slow pace. If they are giving us this pay off in part 6 of 10… I have a feeling there really isn’t much left for them to do and it will either end anti-climatically or very rushed. And except for whoever leaves/stays, none of this is going to matter in the long run.

What I really wanna know though… where is Rogue and/or Gambit in this future? Yes, I have a one track mind. If they aren’t going to get a direct mention then I’ll just assume they got married and shacked up in an Italian villa… totally plausible.

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Review: X-Men #5

X-Men #5Alternately known as Battle of the Atom #3 or ‘every teenage cliche known to man in comic book form’.

Jean and Scott are on the run, even stealing clothes and doing the inevitable ‘almost saw you naked’ thing. Then the X-Men show up and everyone is bickering over what to do with the kids. They then use this distraction to get away. Going straight to the scary old man down the street who is actually just an old coot with a heart of gold… erm… I mean old!Cyclops and his crew.

This really is turning into a typical ‘coming of age’ story which doesn’t have be a bad thing as long as it’s played right. At the moment, I’m cautiously wary, we’re too early in to call it for sure.

As for the continuing plot arc of the X-Men comic, I know they had to put it half-in-half in this issue, I but I really hope the continual bickering over the command structure at least tappers down in the next issue or so, because it’s starting to get on my nerves. I can see it being realistic whether it’s men or women in that position,  but it’s not a plot point that does well being dragged out over time regardless of how realistic it is. Because, let’s face it, if you’re a part of a group with people doing that stuff, you’d find a way to remove yourself from it, and when it’s in a comic, you simply stop reading.

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Battle of the Atom - Chapter 1So the latest crossover event has started, Battle of the Atom, where everyone and the kitchen sink decides to time travel, cause hey, why not?

I do like the way this starts out though, with Magik travelling to the future to see what’s going on, if it’s all been worth it. Turns out the future is just as dystopian as it’s always been for mutants. They can’t seem to catch a break. But then that wouldn’t make very good story now would it? (yes it would actually but tell that to Marvel)

In the present time, Scott goes and gets himself killed-ish. Thankfully a mutant healer fixed him up, but the fact that Scott seemed to have vanished into nothing for a moment is pretty messed up. It’s no wonder that they now want to send the kids back. I mean, you can’t really fault them for not wanting to screw up the timeline, but at the same time, it’s pretty harsh. You are basically sending Jean back to her death, Angel to a pseudo-death, and yeah… this is why you don’t play with time travel kids!

It was weird though, how Kitty didn’t really say anything when Scott showed up with his team, they just worked together like there wasn’t that big looming PLOT POINT over them. Though I suppose in the moment she appreciated the help? I dunno, I guess we’re supposed to ignore that for the more important plot points coming up with Scott dying-ish.

And now we have future mutants, I kinda hate that concept because it’s always ‘in the moment’ and nothing is really kept to canon for when these characters actually get to these ages. So if something you don’t want to happen, does, then you’re annoyed that the writers think this way. If something happens you wanted, then you have to live with the fact that it’s not really ‘destined’.

So yeah, time travel is always a lose-lose.

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