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A new trailer for The Wolverine has been released, you can watch it here:

First off, called it on the Jean thing being a dream/memory, turns out it’s a dream, though more like a nightmare. It’s actually kinda lame in its presentation, content and acting… though that could be how it’s cut for the trailer, I’m assuming there is more to it… or I would hope so.

Yukio get’s a little more screen time kicking butt in a ‘I don’t really have to try’ kind of way.

Then some more of the action is shown, the train sequence does look to be rather fun and possibly intense, can’t wait to see it on the big screen.

There is also a little more of the Silver Samurai who looks to be attacking Logan when he is sleeping with Mariko, though not sure what kind of ‘sleeping’ is being had.

As for Viper, she literally is a snake-like woman, at least has a snake tongue, which would mean her shedding seen in the trailers is actually probably real (though could still be drug induced hallucination).

And what the heck is up with the robot/Silver Samurai? Is there someone inside that thing like a mech? I think I need to go back and reread these issues cause I know it’s been awhile but I honestly don’t remember this… though it could be an interesting twist if done right… though they just kinda gave it away…

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Teaser Trailer #1

It’s Coming…

Agent Duncan gave him a resigned smile but as the three turned to leave, the Fed spoke up again, “Hey, you might want to remind Charles that the Brotherhood is stepping up their game, the government is a tension line ready to snap in all directions… he can’t wait around anymore, hoping for the best.”

Scott nodded to the man who returned the gesture before heading back into the fray of police and emergency responders.

“He’s right, you know,” Storm spoke with a touch of sadness in her voice. “Magneto will continue to escalate until he’s given the government no choice but to declare war on the Brotherhood, and that war will spill over into non-combatants both mutant and human alike.”

“I know, Ororo,” Scott was beginning to feel like a broken record, “I know.”

Wolverine growled as he leaned against the side table. “I wish you’d let me deal with those trouble makers,” he emphasized the words with a snikt of his claws.

“As I have said many times, Logan,” Charles replied sternly, “I will not let you be party to murder on my account,” then his words turned sympathetic, “and wasn’t this one of the reasons you left the weapons program?”

“Truth of the matter is, Professor,” Scott spoke with a released fervor, “we’re out-gunned. Magneto’s Acolytes, this is what they do. One on one we have a chance but, well, we know Quicksilver, Rogue, and Pryo have been working together for nearly a decade, they know each other’s weaknesses, how their powers complement each other,” he sighed and placed both hands on the desk. “We’ll never be able to fight them as a team if we don’t provide the same conviction.”

Charles regarded the young man for a long moment, “What are you suggesting, Scott?”

“That we have a dedicated team as well,” he was expecting the Professor to say something. When he didn’t, Scott continued. “That we train together, learn how to work in-synch with each other, and how best contain the Acolytes. Otherwise, we might as well stay home next time something happens.”

Again, the older gentleman was quiet before finally asking, “And who would be on this team?”

“X-Men, they call themselves the X-Men.”

Tune in to X-Men: The (fan fic) Series, Friday, September 13th, 8e/7c, for an all new live-action television series event in fan fiction form.

Follow the X-Men: The (fan fic) Series blog for updates, sneak peaks, and behind the scenes looks at this brand new fan fiction series from the writers who brought you X-Men: Among ThievesGym Class Heroes Series and the Thieves Guild Series.

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UPDATE: Earlier reports were wrong, there will be no trailer or footage till early 2013, bummer.

The Wolverine’s trailer will debut with The Hobbit, and of course will show up online not to long after then. The movie is being described as ‘japanese noir with tentpole action’. This… could actually work.

Thanks to for the heads up.

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Gotham High

Whatever you are doing, drop everything and watch this video: Gotham High.

One of the best mash-up’s I’ve ever scene, I’d totally watch this!

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I’ve added an Extra’s tab to the top of the page. Once I get the banner and the trailers up they will fall under this section… but more importantly…


Chellerbelle is going to be writing ‘out takes’ and ‘bloopers’ from the series which is going to be awesome cause she’s sssssooooooooooo hilarious in her writing! You have got to check out her X-Men Present series!!!

We’ll also include some Deleted Scenes as well, but of course both of these won’t be posted until after the episode airs.

So far, everything is coming together nicely!

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