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Bryan Singer has tweeted a new photo:

It seems that it could be the practical set for the model that he tweeted a little less than a month ago:

No word yet as to what this building is. Speculation is this is Xavier’s underground facility and that is the most likely bet at this juncture. It will depend what these walls get painted and fitted with. If it’s shiny grey, then we have our answer.

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Bryan Singer has tweeted an image of Xavier’s iconic wheelchairs, but has anyone else noticed that there is a poster for The Wolverine on the wall of the cubicle behind them?

Specifically this one.

The Wolverine International Poster

The Wolverine International Poster

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Scott and Jean in X3Petitions have become a bit of the rage lately, it’s a quick and easy way for large groups of people to get their point across, such as the current petition to cancel Avengers Arena. They can also be just for fun, like my favorite, the petition to the US Government to build a Death Star.

The latest petition I’ve come across is for Bryan Singer to have James Marsden reprise his role as Cyclops for Days of Future Past. Here is what it has to say:

The fans of X-men would like to see James Marsden return to the screen in the next X-men First Class: Days of Future past film as Cyclops. We are hoping to get Bryan Singer to see that there are still Cyclops fans out there that want to see him return. Especially with Cyclops being the leader of X-men! Since James Marsden left with Bryan Singer to do Superman and that’s the reason Cyclops was given an untimely ending, we think it’s only fair to see James Marsden reprise his role! Please sign so we can take notice of the return that his character deserves!

Certainly no one will claim that Cyclops was given anything close to a great role in the X-Men movies. Then when Marsden was unavailable for X3 he was given one of the most pointless death scenes of all time. So what would be achieved by bringing him back?


The comic Days of Future Past is about time travel and changing the future. We don’t know at this time if the DOFP movie is supposed to change things so that the original movies happen… or change things so that the original movies didn’t happen. All we know is that there will be an apocalyptic type world in the future which could easily be post-X3 and that is what needs to be stopped from happening. It’s very possible that in doing so they change things so either just X3 doesn’t happen, or X2, 3 or X1,2,3.  Or, those movies remain untouched altogether. Anything goes right now, especially when considering that The Wolverine is canon post-x3 and DOFP could affect the continuity of his film.

So, having Cyclops character show up could do one of two things:

  • Prove that there is already an alt universe that, by being changed, makes the original movies happen.
  • Prove that the original movies are now alt-universe and a new canon universe has been created.

All this is done by just having Cyclops alive either at the beginning (when the time traveler is sent back) or end of the movie (I assume we’ll get a last glimpse of the future unless they want to be cruel and leave it up in the air).

Granted, Cyclops isn’t the only character who died, but he is the most telling. Jean, well, she is known to die and come back so that’s up in the air (plus she might already have come back in The Wolverine). The Professor was already hinted at still being alive. Cyclops would have the most impact as a ‘game changer’.

So the question is… will he be back? Well, there has been no word from Singer who has been making casting announcements via twitter. The thing is, DOFP hasn’t even started filming yet and it’s not like Marsden would have to do much, film wise, so even if he is working on a project he could spare the day or two of filming needed, after all, he did it for his death in X3. So he could literally be brought in at last minute… or even kept ‘hush hush’ as a surprise like with Wolverine in First Class.

If I was going to use Cyclops to show the future had changed that dramatically I would totally try to keep it quiet just to get some zing in at the ending of DOFP.

But if he never planned to bring Cyclops back, would a petition like this make a difference? As I said, there is a long way to go until the cut off time to bring Marsden in for filming. I guess it just depends on how much of an effect a living Cyclops would have on the storyline. In truth, I don’t think it would have any more effect on Singer’s decisions than all the other factors he’d have to look into for doing such a thing. It’s like the peititon to cancel Avengers Arena, Marvel only cares about the bottom line of the sales figures. I’m sure if Singer wanted Cyclops in the movie, or didn’t want Cyclops, then such things have already been decided or at least in the works.

Of course, Singer could also be cheeky about the whole and bring Cyclops into the story… as Alex’s younger brother.

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Bryan Singer tweeted a sset design meeting at Mell’s studio in Montreal:

What can we see here?

  • It’s a long, straight building, with what looks like an entrance on the side.
  • The entrance itself is kinda reminiscent of the door to Xavier’s underground facilities in the past movies but it looks like there may be steps there.
  • It also has the same kind of hard curved lines that seem to me made for shiny metal.
  • The layout to the side looks like a topographical map, like this will be near a lake.

At first blush, I do think this is an X-Men facility, likely the one under the mansion, but since it’s a massive build it would have to be McAvoy’s set, which makes sense, Xavier had to build it sometime. However, the map makes it seem like this won’t be under anything but a free-standing structure.

So on second thought this could be the Brotherhood’s hideout. Magneto has to set up shop somewhere and there was talk this movie might be more about him and his side of things anyway.

Basically, I really can’t see them doing such a massive build on anything other than these two things.  Even looking at the original DOFP storyline and the original films they haven’t really built those size of sets for anything else. Single rooms, sure, but a complex that size? I mean, look at it, that’s like the length of a strip mall at least.

But, like all things, only time will tell.

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Anna Paquin as Rogue

Anna Paquin as Rogue

Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer has tweeted that Paquin, Page and Ashmore will be reprising their rolls as Rogue, Shadowcat, and Iceman in the upcoming film. This is in addition to previous news that Stewart, McKellen and Jackman will be reprising their roles as well.

Odds are, these are only going to be cameo performances. I say this because they are kinda bunched together here. Then there is the fact Paquin and Ashmore have their own tv shows to work on, True Blood and The Following. Granted, that hasn’t stopped some actors from making movies but could cause scheduling issues. Paquin also just had twins which might affect how much time she wants to spend off somewhere filming.

Also, Singer went after Stewart, McKellen and Jackman first which denotes that they likely have larger, more important, roles which needed to be locked down. This goes into my theory that Wolverine will be the one doing the time traveling rather than Shadowcat because she’s much to young in the original movies to be able to go back to the 60s/70s.

Odds are, these three will be shown standing around providing exposition right before the fateful trip. There is also the possibility of a little action, maybe they’re protecting against Sentinels and what not while Xavier sends whoever back in time, but again depends on what these guys signed up for.

Some pointed out that Bryan said “thank you @BrettRatner for letting them live!” which means we’ll see no Cyclops (who was treated poorly in the movies) or Jean Grey or anyone else who died. Well, Xavier kinda died and he’s back. Jean Grey does nothing but die and come back. Also, wouldn’t that be a great way to show that the world has indeed been changed by whatever happens in DOFP? With Cyclops being alive?

In the end, I did not like what they did with Rogue in X3, she wasn’t any more Rogue than Ryan Reynolds was Deadpool at the end of X:O:W. As long as DOFP gives us that glimmer that everything has been changed, that X1-3 are now ‘alt-universe’ movies, then I’ll be happy.

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ComicBookMovie: Chloe Bennet Rounds Out Marvel’s  S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Cast
And so it’s official, the tv series will be about beautiful young adults who are hopefully over their head because if they are already ‘the best and brightest’ then I call cliche…

CinemaBlend: The Wolverine Had Only One Mutant in Early Drafts

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CinemaBlend: The Avengers Almost Had Wasp Instead of Black Widow, Joss Whedon Wanted a Second Villian.

BleedingCool: New Twilight Zone TV Series In The Works, Bryan Singer Attached


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So, Bryan Singer tweeted that there will be no leather suits in Days of Future Past, thanks to CinemaBlend for the heads up.

Now, the question is: does this mean there will be no ‘team’ ala X-Men: The Movie or is everyone going to get a variant on their classic outfits?

I’m good with either.

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