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Slow news day?

ComicBookMovie – James McAvoy Talks X-MEN: DAYS  OF FUTURE PAST
apparently they will address Xavier’s hair (or lack thereof) in DOFP

ComicBookMovie – THE AVENGERS And TDKR Among The  Most Pirated Films Of 2012

ComicBookMovie – ILM Featurette On THE AVENGERS’  Epic New York Battle

ComicBookMovie – THE DARK KNIGHT RISES’ Concept  Art Featuring Batman’s High-Tech Knee Brace & EMP Gun

ComicBookMovie – Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool Make-Up Test For X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE

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Slow news day…

CinemaBlend – Will Loki be back for Avengers 2? Probably not, which is cool, he’s a great character but A2 needs to step it up. At least this means he’s not dead at the end of Thor 2!

CinemaBlend – The Dark Knight Rises Trailer is most watched movie trailer YouTube video of 2012, Avengers doesn’t make Top Ten
How does that happen?!

ComicBookMovie – Behind-The-Scenes Deadpool/Weapon XI Make-Up FX For X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE

ComicBookMovie – Star Wars Comics go back to Marvel – yeah, no one saw this one coming… at all…

and this, from Marvel…

Iron Man 3 promo photo from Marvel

Iron Man 3 promo photo from Marvel

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ComicBookMovie: Chloe Bennet Rounds Out Marvel’s  S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Cast
And so it’s official, the tv series will be about beautiful young adults who are hopefully over their head because if they are already ‘the best and brightest’ then I call cliche…

CinemaBlend: The Wolverine Had Only One Mutant in Early Drafts

ComicBookMovie: Make-Up Designs For The Blob From X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE (Video)

CinemaBlend: The Avengers Almost Had Wasp Instead of Black Widow, Joss Whedon Wanted a Second Villian.

BleedingCool: New Twilight Zone TV Series In The Works, Bryan Singer Attached


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