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A few days ago, crushedburrito and xevg asked about the sequel to X-Men: Among Thieves, a fan fic I wrote last year that was a ‘full length movie’ with Gambit and Rogue. The sequel was entitled X-Men: Thick as Thieves. I have a little bit of it done but XMTFFS kinda took up my time and I just couldn’t get the muse to work on Thieves. Here is the summary of what the story would be… I’ll still work on finding a good scene to post. 

He was charming, she was annoyed.

In Among Thieves, Gambit, the ultimate lady’s man, and Rogue, the untouchable woman… improvised.

However, as time went on, the couple’s inability to touch proved too much of a strain on their relationship. Now, with Rogue a full member of the X-Men and Gambit still a thief for hire, the two eek out an existence as friends… when they aren’t at each other’s throats.

But when Sunfire needs Rogue’s help after their past comes to light, Rogue will once again have to track down a mystery which will take her across the world to unlock secrets she didn’t know she had… and she’ll need Gambit’s help to do it.

Bloodthirsty Yakuza, tenacious Interpol agents, a ruthless assassin, and a priest… this isn’t the beginning of a joke, but by the end, Rogue and Gambit might have wished it was.

X-Men: Thick as Thieves

Always Bet On Red.

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