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Everyone is reporting that apparently the villain of the upcoming Justice League movie will be… wait for it… Darkseid.

I’ll post to Bleeding Cool because I like what they have to say:

As far as I can see, Darkseid and Marvel’s Thanos seem like pretty similar characters – at least as far as the big two’s “Rogues Galleries” go. Will these Justice League plans see both reaching the silver screen in 2015? Have Warner Bros. inadvertently doomed themselves to looking like a bit of a rip off?

That’s what I thought too.

As a friend of mine pointed, Marvel built up to Thanos. There was the individual movies, then Loki busted a move and got them all motivated in Avengers. Now that they are working together, the big guns of Thanos are let out.

Why doesn’t Justice League do something similar? Are they thinking nothing short of Darkseid can get these guys working together? Are they thinking it will take nothing short of Darkseid to combat Marvel’s Avengers?

WB, sweetie, just so you know, there is enough love for both Marvel and DC out there… don’t worry about trying to compete… just make a darn good movie!

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