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Deadpool Annual #1Well, that solves that then.

Way’s introduction of Deadpool’s White Thought Box is one of the more controversial aspects of his run on the title. Was it the natural progression of Deadpool’s psychosis or just a way of reducing Deadpool further down into a joke? Regardless, when Way’s run ended and Poshen took over the White Box disappeared without so much of an explanation… until now.

Deadpool runs into Madcap, a character who has been around since the 80’s. Madcap is himself insane after losing his family and being mixed with a compound that makes him as immortal as Deadpool. Deadpool is just trying to kill Daredevil when Madcap shows up and interrupts him. Then Daredevil shows up, then Thor (who was getting a latte), and the whole thing goes sideways and both characters are reduced to ash by Thor.

That ash then reforms into one individual, the body of Deadpool with Madcap hanging out in his mind.

Yeah, sounds about right.

I’m not entirely sure what I want to think about this pseudo-retcon of the White Box. What does this mean for all the interactions between Deadpool, the Yellow Box, and the White Box? How does this affect Deadpool’s character development?

Will the comics bother to address this?

Probably not.

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