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Night of the Living Deadpool #3I really need to stop reading this… it’s really good, which is really bad for my horrible dislike of all things zombie…

In this issue we learn that the zombies were created by scientists doing science-y things and apparently having really lousy safety codes to ensure crap like this doesn’t happen or at least stays maintained. You think at least one of those working on the project was genre savvy?

But the real story here is Deadpool.

He’s already his own form of ‘walking dead’ but to actually become a zombie? Kill all those people? Then finally his healing factor brings him back to the living to, pun sorta intended, live with what he was and what he did…


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Night of the Living Deadpool #1Why am I reading this? I hate Zombies. No, I really hate them, and I pretty much straight up refuse to watch Zombie movies. Ever.

But, you know, it’s Deadpool.

I still hate Zombies, and somehow Bunn has made me hate them even more.

The eerie way that the Zombies still retain that last bit of humanity as they are eating the flesh of their victims… just creepy and haunting. And a beautiful touch to carve Deadpool’s own little niche in the Zombie fandom as apparently Deadpool is the last super hero left alive. How he is going to save the world, if that is even in the cards, is anyone’s guess.

Did I mention I hate Zombies?

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Review: Deadpool #22

Deadpool #22Deadpool has his priorities straight.

If you’re getting your body shoved into a pizza oven by a LMD of the person stuck in your head, you definitely don’t want anchovies on that pizza.

But as much fun as it to see Deadpool ‘get his kill on’, this is pretty much a filler to get Deadpool into the final showdown with Gorman. Though the appearance of Coulson is pretty darn epic in and of itself. I’m waiting for Deadpool to break the fourth wall regarding Coulson’s role in the MCU.

I have a feeling a lot of things are going to go boom… like Ivonova-grade boom. Not that I’m complaining mind you…

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Review: Deadpool #21

Deadpool #21When will people learn you can’t kill Deadpool and it will only hurt your more?

It’s good to see that Deadpool is actually starting to really get around to helping Preston out of his head, but they’ve run into a snag. SHIELD has some less than savory people in it and one is using a LMD of Preston to do some dirty work to make himself rich. But he’s not too bright either, putting a hit out on Deadpool? Worst. Idea. Ever.

All in all though, this issue is a pretty standard set up for some classic Deadpool shenanigans to come.  The twist being that Coulson is involved… and on Deadpool’s side.

This should be interesting…

Oh, and how they kept pushing the information that Eleanor might still be alive makes me hope that this plot line isn’t dropped and will be back sooner rather than later.

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Review: Deadpool #20

Deadpool #20This issue made about as much sense as the 1970s…

But that’s okay, I’m sure the next arc will feed off what happened in this supposed ‘inventory issue’ and we’ll gain a better understanding of just what Deadpool was gathering and what Cosmic Baby Poop has to do with it all.

Normally I’d be annoyed with yet another flashback filler issue like this, but Posehn and Duggan present it as Deadpool not feeling up to anything at the moment. He needs time to decompress from what happened over the last arc. I really feel that this is the best possible response to what happened. Even if he’s back to being ‘typical Deadpool’ in the next issue, it’s only because he had a moment to process before putting back on that smile. This is truly a realistic response and shows that these writers really understand that Deadpool is a hell of a lot more complicated than a single joke.

I just hope this next arc isn’t quite as soul shattering.

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Deadpool Annual #1Well, that solves that then.

Way’s introduction of Deadpool’s White Thought Box is one of the more controversial aspects of his run on the title. Was it the natural progression of Deadpool’s psychosis or just a way of reducing Deadpool further down into a joke? Regardless, when Way’s run ended and Poshen took over the White Box disappeared without so much of an explanation… until now.

Deadpool runs into Madcap, a character who has been around since the 80’s. Madcap is himself insane after losing his family and being mixed with a compound that makes him as immortal as Deadpool. Deadpool is just trying to kill Daredevil when Madcap shows up and interrupts him. Then Daredevil shows up, then Thor (who was getting a latte), and the whole thing goes sideways and both characters are reduced to ash by Thor.

That ash then reforms into one individual, the body of Deadpool with Madcap hanging out in his mind.

Yeah, sounds about right.

I’m not entirely sure what I want to think about this pseudo-retcon of the White Box. What does this mean for all the interactions between Deadpool, the Yellow Box, and the White Box? How does this affect Deadpool’s character development?

Will the comics bother to address this?

Probably not.

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Review: Deadpool #19

Deadpool #19Never underestimate Deadpool’s intelligence or cleverness.

Posehn really hit it out of the park in this story arc, showing us a real depth to Deadpool’s character and how damaged he is. But even though Deadpool has very good reason to be insane, he shows his strength by the simple fact that refuses to truly be insane. Deadpool is not impulsive in this issue, he manages to calmly bide his time till he can get to Butler. He observes the world around him and discovers something he can use to his advantage. Of course, he impulsively kills Butler once he has him but it’s kind of hard to blame him.

The situation with his daughter is left open but I really hope that one day he finds her and she doesn’t  hate him. They could decide to make her hate him and that would just give him another reason to hate himself, but I really hope they don’t. He’s lived such a horribly sad life that needs some ray of sunshine in there.

I do like how in the end Wolverine and Cap treat him with respect, you had this feeling through the arc that they considered him a friend but here at the end they pretty much nail it. They understand that Deadpool is not a joke, he’s a survivor.

While Posehn’s run may have started out a bit strange and odd and verily WTF, this has been one of the best arcs since Kelly’s run I’d wager. If this didn’t give you Deadpool feels then I don’t know what will.

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