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Aaron Taylor-JohnsonOkay, if ‘sources close to the production’ of Avengers 2 is to be believed as reported by The Wrap, then Whedon and Marvel/Disney are looking to cast Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Quicksilver. He’s the right age, British, and knows a little bit about being an action super-hero because he plays Dave Lizewski aka Kick Ass.

Kick Ass is of course the title character of the Kick Ass comics owned by Marvel.

A comic written by Mark Millar… who is Fox’s ‘consultant’ for their Marvel/super hero films, although it’s unclear just how much input or direction he has had on Days of Future Past.

It would be even crazier if Kick Ass was a Fox film but it was distributed domestically by Lionsgate, the sequel by Universal.

Now, the casting rumor is coming quite soon after Bryan Singer tweeted his now edited Avengers tweet announcing Quicksilver had already been cast for Days of Future Past, which in turn came only weeks after Whedon confirmed Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch will be in Avengers 2.

This could all be a coincidence but when they start to stack up…

While I still give Singer the benefit of the doubt on his using Quicksilver (considering early rumors where that the First Class sequel was going to center more on Magneto it makes sense his son would be included so Quicksilver could have been planned from the very beginning), it makes me wonder if we’ll be seeing a lot more little ‘pokes and prods’. Neither studio want to look like bullies, already Marvel/Disney has egg on its face with the issues surrounding how much they pay their lead actors, so I doubt things will get too heated in any way.

Though I am very much interested to see just how far this Cold War might extend between these two companies… and how many other characters might get dragged into the mix.

As for Aaron, to be honest, I’ve only ever seen him in Kick Ass and from what I’ve seen there… I’ve got no quarrel with this casting choice.

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I know, this is an X-Men/Marvel blog, but after hearing the news that Disney bought Lucasfilm, I had to say something. See, I’ve had what can only be described as an abusive relationship with Star Wars. Every time I try to break it off it sucks me back in. I thought I had it this time. I stopped any and all connects with Star Wars outside talking to the friends I made in the community. I thought I was free…

And then Disney buys Lucasfilm, announce Episode 7 in 2015 and I’m sucked back in again.

Disney and Marvel gave us the current Avengers and related movies (so this kinda related?). These movies have been spectacular but these were Disney AND Marvel. Will the same dynamic work with Disney and Lucasfilm? I want to say yes, after all, Disney made a great movie in John Carter (even though the marketing was crap) and they have/had a great relationship with Pixar as well.

So does this mean that Episode 7 will be good?

Define good.

Binary Disney

Binary Disney – Stolen from Facebook – Artist Unknown

My fandom goes deep into the expanded universe (EU) and I have come to the conclusion that Episode 7 will wipe the EU into alt universe land. Why? For one, they already said that they were left a whole bunch of stuff from Lucas and Lucasfilm regarding Episode 7 and where the franchise is supposed to go. I seriously doubt that Lucas (who has a history of ignoring the EU in the prequels) made any considerations for the EU in his ‘series bible’ as it where.

Secondly, if they wanted to go EU, where to start? If they want to recast, they could go back to a few years post ROTJ (aka Thrawn Trilogy) but as much as those books rocked, they will want to go with more contained and sweeping stories because this would be more accessible to new viewers (not to mention that TT would have to be rewritten in a lot of places to be Prequel consistent). I know, I sound like a heretic, but TT was great books but they won’t play on the big screen the same reason a lot of books adapted for movies just don’t work in the end.
Now, if they don’t recast and manage to get everyone back, well, sorry Mark, Carrie and Harrison, but you are all old, which means this would largely be about your kids… and yeah, the EU kinda screwed you over on that one. There is way to much to have happened to try to explain and just starting from scratch is better.

So the EU will be turned AU. I accept this. In a way, I want this.

See, the EU went down hill the moment they got an editor who, since they couldn’t kill off Luke Skywalker, decided to do the next best thing. The Vong was just stupid, and the stupid continued until there was so much stupidity abounding that only so hardcore they’re disillusioned, or those who actually think this is so stupid it must be brilliant, actually like the EU any more.

But there is a small hope. Just cause the storylines are gone doesn’t mean the characters are.

Boba Fett surviving the Sarlacc is a given seeing as he was shoe horned into the Prequels.
As for the rest… anything is up for grabs. I’d like to say Mara is a given as a Luke love-interest but her background would have to be adjusted (I could see her as a former member of Imperial Intelligence)… but for all we know Lucas had other ideas for Luke’s future and Mara (or any girlfriend) isn’t a part of it. She could still rock as a Jedi student… but again, where are they going to take this? Will him setting up a new Academy be a vital plot point or mearly a passing comment between fighting the big baddy? Speaking of big baddies… if the Vong show up, that’s it, I quit. As for other baddies, there are a lot to chose from but again, they may want to go original.

In the end, we may get characters from the EU but will they be those characters or shadows of their former selves? Too early to tell but the fact that they are going off notes at least opens the possibility for whatever screenwriter they get to polish off the script to perhaps embrace the EU.

That’s the thing isn’t it… it’s all too early. Disney could do so much good… or they could do so much wrong. Could they do any worse than Lucas? Actually, Yes. They really could. Will they? I have enough faith that it won’t go that far…

but at this moment, I’m once again sucked back into this abusive relationship with Star Wars and unless the words Vong are mentioned I will be right there to watch Episode 7 at its midnight showing…

All this… and right when I fully dedicated myself to another fandom…

Damn you Star Wars!!! Why can’t I quit you!!!

Mel Brook's Spaceballs

“When did we get to Disneyland?”


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