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Going to try something new, unless there is a news article I really want to talk about or is just really big in its own right, then I’ll post some news round-ups which will allow me to not clutter as much and also include some articles I wouldn’t post individually anyway.

io9 – Marvel writer Dan Slott is getting death threats for the leaked ending of Spider-Man #700
some people take comics way to seriously… as the article points out, it’s a comic book, wait a dozen story arcs and whatever ticked you off will be retconned or rendered moot

ComicBookMovie – Jeph Loeb Reveals When We Should  Expect To See The First Episode Of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Hint, it’s Fall 2013, to get it in with the new Marvel movies but before the new Avengers film, it’s also when my X-Men series starts!

ComicBookMovie – BSG Actor James Callis Lands  Guest-Starring Role In ARROW
James Callis, otherwise known as Old Spice, something to look forward to

ComicBookMovie – Samuel L. Jackson Talks  S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Series; Teases CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 Role

CinemaBlend – Science Explains Why The Hobbit Looks Weird in 48 Frames Per Second
as our future x-men and comic book movies are likely going to be influenced by how well The Hobbit and this experiment in 48fps does, thought it was both informative and relevant.

CinemaBlend – Amazing Spider-Man Sequel is Changing Electro’s Look, says Jamie Foxx
because you can draw this stuff on people, but real people can’t wear it…

ComicBookMovie – Next Year a Female Marvel Superhero Will Come Down With Cancer to Raise Awareness
Which leads to the question as to why this hasn’t happened before, and why don’t superheroes get sick as often as regular humans do? But yay for raising awareness.

io9 – The 1990s X-Men Cartoon Opening Recreated with Action Figures
I haven’t seen the video, computer issues, but the io9 people seem to think it’s good.

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