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Uncanny X-Men #2I’ve always prefered Emma Frost as the bad guy. It has nothing to do with Scott or Jean… I just like the concept behind the White Queen. I really think she could have been the one to rule the world… and not through force but in the Emperor Palpatine style where she gets the world handed to her through cunning and subterfuge.

As the good girl, I just find her boring.

In respect to the second issue of the new(er) Uncanny X-Men, I find myself torn trying to figure out what I think of this new iteration of Emma.

While she admits that part of her wants to blame others for her mistakes… the mistakes that’s she coping to, that she is blaming herself for, is hurting Scott for the whole thing she did with Namor. Scott was treating you like crap (cause, you know, he’s a serial adulter) and then you were kinda possessed. Not saying you don’t have stuff to feel guilty for Emma, but that should be so much lower on your list.

As for her teaching and being part of the revolution… that kinda goes back to her older roots of the Hellfire Club and the Massachusetts Academy. She’s also fairly blunt and honest, especially when it comes to Illyana scaring the crap out of her (which she should scare her cause that’s one mentally mucked-up snowflake).

So I’m not really sure if I want to be sympathetic towards her… or root for her to evolve back into the White Queen who could kick all their butts. We’ll definitely have to see where things go with her characterization here in this title… but first let’s see how many survive the Avengers.

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Uncanny X-Men #18

Uncanny X-Men #18

Uncanny X-Men #18

And Scott proves that he’s gone absolutely mad while Illyana admits it outright.

Illyana pretty much says in so many words that she’s gone insane, apparently been like that for a while now and purposely messed up Piotr’s life in order to prove this to him. Ah, what are siblings for?

As for Scott, yeah, I’ve feared for his mental stability since, well, before Schism and this just puts it all into perspective. Dude, if people are comparing you to Magneto, then you might want to step back and rethink what you’re doing. Though I have to admit, I do like Scott’s retort. “I’m nothing like you, I’m winning!”

This is the kind of actions that can only end in bloodshed, and if you know what happens in AvX #11 then you see my point.

Scott’s downfall is becoming both poignant and annoying. He’s a man who’s had the weight of an entire people on his shoulders and has gone through so much pain and suffering, both personal and on a global mutant scale, that he’s simply become lost in the woods. On the other hand, he’s being so tediously ripped to shreds that one has to wonder if someone just has it in for Scott or in a bad fan fic move he’s being drug down to build someone else up?

As for Emma, she continues to prove my point that she’s a great bad guy… but a horrible good guy. Though honestly, Scott, you kinda deserve it, her cheating on you with Namor cause, you know, you cheated on Jean with Emma… once a cheater, always a cheater.

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