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A lot of websites are calling this confirmed but if you read the original article by The Hollywood Reporter, they say:

Sources tell THR that the studio is making deals with Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell to star in the project that reboots the Marvel superheroes.

This is not an official announcement nor is THR saying that it’s been confirmed and they are breaking the news. That being said, THR is a very reputable source which means we shouldn’t be terribly surprised if we get an official confirmation out of FOX once all the contracts have been settled.

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Michael B. JordanI’ve seen a bunch of stuff recently about the casting of Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four reboot. I assume he’s a good actor cause he’s had continued roles in acclaimed shows I don’t watch like The Wire, Friday Night Lights and The Parenthood. He has the handsome, boyish, charming look of the ‘kid brother’ Johnny who is a bit of a goof. But here is the problem… this casting is still a rumor.

Rumors of Jordan being cast as Johnny Storm goes back to May when The Wrap claimed that “Director Josh Trank is considering casting his “Chronicle” star in Fox’s reboot of the superhero franchise.” Nothing was ever confirmed, though The Wrap is a pretty reliable source of information so it’s an easy bet that Trank was likely considering Jordan at the time. But there are hundreds of reasons why that might have fallen through such as schedule conflicts, etc.

Nothing was ever said to have confirmed Jordan’s casting until a few days ago when Schmoes Knows claimed to have the exclusive that yes, Jordan has indeed signed on.

“Through our source within Michael B Jordan’s agency, it’s confirmed that he has, in fact, signed on to appear as the Human Torch.”

Here’s the thing, who the heck is Schmoes Knows? Where is the official confirmation either through said agency, the studio, or even a more reputable source such as The Wrap or Variety or Entertainment Weekly?

Granted, no one is denying it, which looks good for the rumor, but it can take a few days before someone says anything. It’s kinda like the Scarlet Witch casting atm, while it’s ‘very likely’, it’s still not ‘official’. We also haven’t heard anything for the casting of Sue, Reed, Thing or anyone else who could possibly be in the movie. So while it would be cool to see Jordan in the FF reboot, it’s still classified as a rumor for all purposes pretense.

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