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All-New X-Men #13Mystique, never change, you are so freaking awesome. I have no idea what your real end-game is but apparently you want to buy a freaking island, Madripoor no less… that’s… that’s… yeah, just don’t change, ever.

In other news that isn’t that surprising, Bendis touches on the M-Word controversy and does a better job with it than Remender did. I do like how Kitty explains the concept of “Mutant and Proud” though not in so many words. This is the kind of discussion that really needs to be done with the idea of the “M-Word” floating out there but Remender isn’t really thinking it through and seems to have just tossed the comments in for the shock factor leaving the rest of the writers to do what he should be doing (and they are doing a great job of it).

It also makes me wonder if when Kitty says that Alex doesn’t speak for her… that maybe it’s Bendis saying Remender doesn’t speak for him.

As for the rest of the story, Lady Mastermind is going to do some damage with her illusion on Jean. Lady M teaming with Mystique really was a great idea… between the two of them, I’m not sure the core X-Men team really have a chance… (though, yeah, the X-Men will win, of course, le sigh).

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