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Nightcrawler #1Who doesn’t like Nightcrawler? I mean, honestly? In both the real world and 616, he’s beloved by everyone.

It’s great to see him back, and written by one of Marvel’s best writers, Chris Claremont. Now, it would be understandable for Kurt to have a bit of a soul searching period seeing as he did die, come back, and it only cost him his soul. That’s where I thought this story was going and I couldn’t wait to see what Chris had cooked up.

Then halfway through the book we get one of the most awkward transitions I’ve seen in a long time.

I suppose it’s not too unrealistic for Amanda not to be phased with the previously thought dead Kurt appearing in her apartment, after all, this is the Marvel Universe and he is an X-Man, but hasn’t this woman ever seen an episode of Supernatural? But the whole thing is literally “Honey, I’m back from the dead” straight to “okay, let’s make out”. And in only half a page.

Then the rest of the issue is a random attack and stuff gets blown up and Amanda gets shoved to the side even though she’s a kick ass magic user.

You okay Chris?

p.s. bonus points to Samnee and Wilson for getting Rogue on the cover… I hope this whole Uncanny Avengers farce is over soon so Kurt can reunite with his sis…

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