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Bryan Singer has once again tweeted a set photo from Days of Future Past.

Seeing as the movie takes place in 1973, the year of the Watergate Scandal, it was a given that President Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon would be making an appearance. Whether or not this movie actually touches on the scandal though remands to be seen.

The group seem to be looking towards the monitors on the wall. Yes, the monitors are shut off but this is being filmed facing towards them so they are pretty much expected to act against stuff that will be put in later via CGI. Though maybe they are talking to the guy on the sofa, it’s hard to tell really and not sure it matters.

It’s what they are talking about that is the key to this scene. Could it be Trask and his Sentinels? Could it be mutants in general?  I am quite interested in the guy standing in front of the desk, it’s a very important spot. And no one is recognizable except for Nixon, no hints at these gentlemen being characters we’ve already seen as well. One of them could be Mystique though.

Mystique being involved in Watergate… now that would be nice to see.

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