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You know what else happened in 1973? The end of the Vietnam War. It looks like Days of Future Past will be touching on it as well, and something a little more substantial too, at least that is what I glean from this new image tweeted by Bryan Singer.

I wasn’t sure what was going on here so I went to my father, who was actually in the Vietnam War. He says this is the Paris Peace Accords seeing as the military uniform the extra is wearing is French Military and the people standing behind the line are waving both South and North Vietnamese flags.

The Accords, which negotiated the end of the Vietnam War, took place in January 1973 which puts it directly in the time frame and could open the film. By the fact that the production took the time to actually film an ‘approach’ to the Accords means that they are likely bringing someone of note into the scene, possibly Henry Kissinger, or maybe one of our mutant friends.

X-Men: Origins: Wolverine did make reference to the fact that Logan was in a lot of wars, Vietnam included, so this could be where they cross paths with ‘Present Logan’ if he didn’t time travel back.

I think the biggest question though is why is the Accords so important to the DOFP storyline to garner more than just ‘news reel’ stock shots, was there perhaps hidden agendas in the Accords regarding mutants?


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