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Courtesy of LaynieGossip via Newsarama, we now have a picture of Peter Dinklage from the set of Days of Future Past.

Peter Dinklage in Days of Future Past

He is totally rocking the ’70s style with the hair and mustache. He kinda looks like a cop who is ready to just ruin your day. This is a good thing as he’s playing the villain.

But what villain?

Villains can start out in ‘regular clothes’ before developing into a costume or physical changes, so we can’t rule out plenty of options, but really, if he’s not playing Bolivar Trask then Singer better have something really clever up his sleeve because, come on, having Trask be the villain in DOFP is perfect! A man who saw mutants as an evasive exotic (to steal a phrase from the current X-Men Legacy run) and felt the need to build massive robots as guardians? Only to have the whole thing go sideways and sacrificing himself to destroy that which he created?

He is a perfect counter balance to both Xavier and Magneto, three points of the same star. If they play this right the audience won’t know who to root for and who to be sympathetic towards.

Dinklage is going to have to fight for ‘top villain’ against Michael Fassbender who really brought his A-game to the Magneto role in First Class and this is a fight I just can’t wait to see.

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Peter DinklageVariety is reporting that Peter Dinklage, who was just added to the DOFP cast, will be playing a villain, knocking out the rumors that he would be playing Puck. Newsarama are betting on either Ahab or Nimrod (when he takes human form).

There is, of course, the possibility he will play someone altogether new, though that’s less likely than perhaps Dinklage playing a known character, just with a whole new back story/place in the X-Men universe (Stryker or Shaw for examples). Seeing that there is a trend for really mucking with the villain’s back story, this is a high probability and really, anything goes.

Whatever is planned, should be interesting.

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