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Chris PrattDeadline is reporting that Moneyball and Zero Dark Thirty actor Chris Pratt has snagged the role of Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, in the upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy movie. Having not read any Guardian comics I can’t speak to this as good or bad casting, but unlike more well known roles like Iron Man, Captain America, etc, Chris Pratt has a great opportunity to shape the character into his own, moreso than anyone else in the Marvel Movie-Verse.

The movie is set to release in August, 2014, so they will likely start filming in the fall at the latest. Guardians isn’t exactly known to the populace at large, at least most people had heard the names “Thor” and “Captain America” back before their movies came out. This will definitely be the hardest sell in their Phase 2 initiative. Hopefully, with a good trailer and a possible cameo in Iron Man 3, we’ll see this film pull at least moderate profit.

As for Chris Pratt… welcome to the fandom big leagues, hold onto your sanity, you’re gonna need it.

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