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I posted this on tumblr but I’m going to put it here too. I had a head canon moment for the X-Men films.

X2 Magneto and PyroHead Canon: American Pyro is Magneto’s Grandson

Ever since I ran across it in the X-Men: Evolution fandom, Jonda (aka John & Wanda aka Pyro & Scarlet Witch) is my favorite non-canon OTP. With the news that Quicksilver (and by default Scarlet Witch) will be in X-Men: Days of Future Past, it meant that any ideas of a Jonda happening in the movies was null and void.

Then it clicked. Evan Peters is 26 and will be playing a character in 1973. Likely Quicksilver will be younger than this (actors often play younger characters) and it makes sense otherwise Magento would be really young when he started having kids. So let’s say, conservatively, Quicksilver and Wanda are 22 in 1973. Wanda then meets Aussie Pyro (St. John) who’s of a similar age. Jonda ensues and they have a kid.

Aaron Stanford who played American Pyro (John) in X2/X3 was born in 1976, three years after DOFP will take place. But, again, actors usually play younger roles. If John was 16 in X1 then he was born in 1984 (Wanda would be 33, still could have a baby). But John could be a few years older, or Wanda a few younger. In any case, you can make the ages line up where John is realistically the child of Wanda and St. John.

But there’s more… It’s insinutated that John had a crappy childhood, maybe he grew up in foster care? In canon, Wanda believed her children died so for something similar to happen to John (named for his dad) is legit. And if John is in American foster care at a young age he could lose any trace of accent and sound pure-blood American.

Roll X2, when John bugs Magneto he notices John looks a lot like either St. John or Wanda (the twins don’t exactly look alike in the comics) and discovers John has the same name, same mutant-name, and same power as St. John. At that moment he knows this is his grandson. That’s why Magneto then says:

“You are a god among insects. Never Let anyone tell you different.”

He’s saying this to his own grandson! How epic and deep does this moment then become?

Of course Magneto can’t share that information on the plane at that time. John goes with Magneto who later tells him the truth of his parentage and John dyes his hair (X3) to be more like his father. In X3, there really isn’t a chance to explore this so it never comes up on camera.

Head Canon: Accepted. (until DOFP comes out and it may need adjusting)

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