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Review: Magneto #2

Magneto #2Magneto has issues.

PTSD, megalomania, a general lack of fucks to give… he’s the ultimate villain in that you want to be sympathetic to his cause but he’s still a murdering bastard.

Here we get some of the sympathetic side of him as we’re told a story showing what it was like for him as a Jew in Germany during the holocaust. Bunn doesn’t sugarcoat anything, it was pretty bad. It’s hard not to want to feel for Max (thank goodness Bunn remembered his name was Max!).

But does it excuse Magneto’s more extreme measures? That’s an existential question that I think Bunn is trying to ask and possibly answer.

At least Magneto recognizes he’s turned into a kind of monster, but how far will that realization get him?

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Review: X-Men Legacy #16

X-Men Legacy #16As cool as it is to see David using all  his powers like a powerhouse, he does seem like a bratty kid.

Yes, you dad was sorta/kinda murdered. Yes, you didn’t care about him while he was alive all that much. Yes, now you realize that you miss him. But really?

The entire set up of the previous issue with his mother getting killed was pretty much just an excuse to get David to go after Scott because otherwise he wouldn’t. That’s really all this is. Marvel wanted to see David square off against Scott and so they ‘made it happen’. This really does cheapen the whole thing.

At least Spurrier seems to recognize what he’s doing on some level, commenting about how David is even using Ruth, ‘weaponizing her’, to get what he wants. Maybe Spurrier will pull this one out of the hat in the next issue.

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Review: Gambit #16

Gambit #16Where have I seen this before?

Gambit isn’t so much as on trial, but having a really intense interview. For what position you ask? Why, the literal King of Thieves. Apparently, since Candra went bye-bye, the international Thieves Guild’s aren’t really playing nice without a fearless leader to keep them in line. Gambit’s name popped up as one of four possible candidates because, apparently, Jean-Luc isn’t epic enough (though likely it’s just ageism at work). Jean-Luc wants Gambit to take over everything and literally kidnapped him into the interview process. Gambit didn’t exactly agree to do it but something in a file changed his mind. Now he’s on another heist to prove himself and not doing too well.

A popular plot line in fan fiction is the whole ‘Jean-Luc wants Remy to take over, Remy doesn’t want to do it’. This is because Gambit did take over for a short time but that didn’t end well, not to mention Jean-Luc has always had unreasonable expectations on Remy. In any case, it’s not going to work here because Gambit can’t be the leader of the Thieves Guild because he’s an X-Men and generally a hero. Plus, his solo is ending so no way to play out the plot line. With only one issue left, a decision is going to have to be made and Gambit will then either languish without a title, or more likely move onto something else, possibly Uncanny Avengers (which scares me, Remender shouldn’t be allowed to touch any characters!). So if he’s in another X-Title, then he can’t run the guild… or I guess he could but that would be unnecessarily complicated.

All I know, is if Remy becomes King and then ‘delegates’ the day to day duties to Jean-Luc… then Chellebelles should get royalties.

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