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I wish John Noble is the villain in Star Wars: Episode VII.

I wish John Noble is the villain in Star Wars: Episode VII.

There is a very sketchy rumor going around that John Noble could play the villain in Star Wars: Episode VII. I think it’s a bit too early for this level of casting to be going on, especially in that JJ may end up pushing the whole thing back. Also, the fact that JJ was involved in Fringe where John Noble up till recently resided is probably what lent to this rumor actually taking root when it’s most likely someone’s fan-casting.

That being said…


If you’ve not watched Fringe, you’re totally missing out. John Noble is literally one hell of an actor. Spoilers, but there are two Walters, one from two different universes. One is slightly drug addled, wouldn’t hurt a fly, that kind of thing. The other is ruthless, cold, and exacting. Both are compelling and sympathetic.

The man has acting chops which is why every award season for the past few years everyone is left scratching their heads wondering why he keeps getting snubbed.

With both Palpatine and Vader off the table for sequels, John Noble is exactly the kind of man you want to fill those shoes. He could bring a level of gravitas that would be as chilling as when Tarkin blew up Alderaan.

So, for my next wish Star Wars Geni!

I wish John Noble is the villain in Star Wars Episode VII.

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This addition to my Star Wars Episode VII Wish List comes courtesy of GiantFreakingRobot’s article stating that Keri Russell wants to be in the new Star Wars movies and since JJ has worked with her before, this is a possibility.

No, just no. Keri Russell would not fit in a Star Wars movie… at all!

That was one of the major problems I had with the prequels, their desire to just cast anyone.

Samuel L. Jackson, I love you, you make an AWESOME Nick Fury, but I just could not take you seriously as Mace.

Jimmy Smits, what you were doing in those movies, I don’t even…

It’s not like these two can’t act, cause they can, it’s that they just didn’t fit in the film. This wasn’t their element. I hate to throw the ‘typecast’ word out there but it is a legitimate thing. Some actors simply don’t fit.

It’s like when we hear Tom Cruise and Harrison Ford could have been Andy and Red in Shawshank Redemption. Cruise and Ford are good actors, yes, would that have worked, oh hell no.

So, yeah… JJ, you did some great casting in Star Trek (2009) so please, PLEASE, bring that to Star Wars Episode VIII.

I wish that only actors who fit and can own their roles will be cast in Star Wars Episode VII.

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This bit of wish list starts here, I was catching up on Merlin via Netflix and a thought occurred to me: Bradley James (aka King Arthur) for a role in Star Wars Episode VII.

He is the right age for a Solo or Skywalker descendent, plus he has the looks, especially for a Skywalker. Blue eyes, strong chin… as a blonde he could be a Skywalker, as a brunette he could be a Solo. He’s showed chops in being able to play someone with a great weight on them, also has a pretty good ‘straight man’ comedic timing.

Bonus, he already knows how to swing a sword and fight, a lightsaber isn’t much of a stretch.

Double Bonus, he was in Merlin… and SW partly ripped off that tale… so… yeah…

I wish that Bradley James gets cast in the new Star Wars: Episode VII

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ComicBookMovie posted that Ewan McGregor was asked if he would reprise the role of Obi-Wan in Star Wars: Episode VII, to which he said ‘if I’m needed’.

Ewan, you are needed. You were one of the best things about the prequels… even if you couldn’t look Jar Jar in the eye. Your storyline in Clones was the only salvageable part of that film. Granted, you tanked at the end of Revenge but that was mostly the script’s fault, not yours.

You’d only have a small role, cameo as a Force Ghost like Guinness did in the original trilogy, but that’s okay. Five minutes of you on screen in old-man makeup talking to an old Luke Skywalker… or maybe one of the younger Jedi, giving them a ‘yeah, been there, done that, chopped someone’s legs off’ speech would be a nice hallmark moment.

I wish McGregor as Kenobi was in Star Wars Episode VII.

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Okay, so I’m going to start something called the Star Wars Episode 7 Wish List. Every time I see a rumor or something comes up that I think “yes, they should totally do this in SW EP7”, I will post it.

And first up, Tom Hiddleston, aka Loki, should be in there, somewhere. As a bad guy, be it a new Sith, a remnant of the Empire or some New Republican politician, he’d rock the house. But as a good guy, this could very interesting indeed, he can play emotional roles ranging from hapless to heroic so… yeah…

I wish that Tom Hiddleston was cast in Star Wars Episode VII.

Thanks to CinemaBlend for the heads up on this one.

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