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With so many mutants in this film already, I can only imagine this being a cameo or back ground filler.

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X-Men Days Of Future Past To Feature A Young Version Of Toad image
Thanks to the 1973 timeline portion of Bryan Singer’s upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past we already know that we will be getting to see the younger versions of multiple mutants. From the cast of X-Men: First Class we will see the return of James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult as Professor X, Magneto, Mystique and Beast, respectively, but it turns out the list doesn’t end there. Instead, the film will also be introducing a younger version of the villain known as Toad – who played by Ray Park in 2000’s X-Men – and now MTV has revealed that actor who will be playing him.

The site caught up with actor Evan Jonigkeit at a recent red carpet event for the television series Girls, and during their interview he revealed that he will be playing the mutant with the wicked tongue. You can watch him talk about it in the video below:

Toad, whose real name is Mortimer Toynbee, was first introduced in the comics back in 1964 as a servant of Magneto’s in the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. As seen in the first X-Men movie, he is an incredibly adept leaper and has a long, sticky prehensile tongue that he can use to strike his enemies. He also has the ability to produce an adhesive spit, which he used to nearly suffocate Jean Grey:

Given the events at the end of X-Men: First Class, we can probably assume that the 1973 version of Magneto is bringing together his own Brotherhood, and logic dictates that Toad would be one of his earliest followers. This means that the only Magneto henchmen not yet accounted for is Sabretooth, but considering the franchise is still trying to work around the continuity nightmare that is X-Men Origins: Wolverine it’s possible that the character won’t be addressed.

Days of Future Past was scripted by Simon Kinberg and Matthew Vaughn and begins in an apocalyptic future where mutants are hunted by giant robots called Sentinels. In order to try and stop this version of the future from ever coming to pass, the X-Men send Wolverine’s (Hugh Jackman) consciousness back through time to 1973 where he must meet with a young Profession Xavier (McAvoy) and convince him to help stop an event that could changes the world forever. In addition to all the names mentioned above, the expansive ensemble cast also includes Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Ian McKellen, Halle Berry, Shawn Ashmore, Ellen Page, Daniel Cudmore, Adam Canto, Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Booboo Stewart, Evan Peters, Josh Helman, and Fan Bing Bing. Look for the film in theaters on May 23rd.

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Woverine and the X-Men #30Okay, now we’re back on form. Clever quips, great characterizations, and fun twists. Spoilers ahead!

Truly, I have no idea what’s going on and that’s exactly how I like it. There are so many characters with questionable motivations that it just makes your head spin. Is Quire really just going after Idie? Is Broo really lost, personality wise? Just what the hell is up with Paige?

And who let Herman on twitter? Seriously… him updating the Hellfire Club’s status reminds me of the fan fic The Beautiful Mind of Katherine Pryde. If the Club gets defeated because Herman tweeted an instagram picture of the group’s next diabolical plan…

But I think the best moment was this simple exchange between Quire and Toad.

Quire: Why’d you do it, Toad? Because they made you mop the floors? You’re smarter than half the teachers here, aren’t you?

Toad: You wouldn’t understand why I did it. You’re too good-looking. And too young to have ever been in love.

That is possibly the saddest and truest moment I have seen in comics for a long time. It’s true though, heroes are always ‘dashing’, or ruggedly handsome in some way. Toad is surrounded by beautiful people who are constantly hooking up with each other randomly as highlighted in the Date Night issue. In one small exchange, you’re made to realize just how lonely and possibly depressed Toad is. After all the way he’s come from being a villain in the Brotherhood… he still can’t get ahead because he’s not one of the ‘beautiful people’.

Then we get the part that just rips my freaking heart out.

Toad: I did what you wanted, Paige. I did everything they asked. Please tell me we can be together now, honey?

Paige: We will be, Mortimer. Forever, baby, just like I promised.

Not only do we have wonderful gender reversal, but if Paige is just using Toad I will never, ever, forgive her. Seriously… I never thought one moment about Toad beyond just another side character and then in two panels I just want to snatch him up and hold him tight and tell him everything is going to be okay.

Well played Jason Aaron… well played.

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