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Uncanny X-Men #11Go team! Now that all the newbies have gotten their sea-legs, they managed to pull together and do a pretty good job of fighting off that Sentinel attack.

That’s pretty much all there is to gain from this issue, other than Scott has something of a death wish. He really isn’t all that mentally stable since the Phoenix Five incident. It’s been effecting him in a lot of ways, some more subtle than others, and his resignation to just die and perhaps end a lot of the problems that way is just one more. I hope that we really get some movement and look at this side of him throughout the rest of the series. He went through a lot of trauma, really from the time his powers manifested and his parents died, etc. Stuff like this usually just gets pushed to the side though in favor of whatever the stories needs to do to get to the next big thing, even if that means making him do something completely random again.

Speaking of which, Battle of the Atom is next, a crossover event with several of the books, and something that will probably put him face to face to Jean again. This should be fun… or not… who really knows these days.

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Uncanny X-Men #10This is why Sentinels are a dumb idea. You sick them on mutants and they blast their way through innocent civilians because they are freaking huge robots!

Anyway, lots of interesting things in this issue. For one, nice to see an exploration of budding mutant powers. Most of the main characters in the X-titles are older or somehow skipped a lot of the training phase, so it’s nice to see these new mutants working on trying to sort themselves out.

Magneto… still don’t know why he looks like Christopher Lloyd, or truly what side of the fence he is playing. All I do know is that he really does suck at relationships. Now he’s going to be reporting to Dazzler… who may be Mystique (depends if Mystique took her spot permanently or just long enough to do something). All I know is that things aren’t gonna end well.

Speaking of ending well, a pro-mutant rally is quite an interesting thing to see, and Bendis is trying really hard, but not too hard, to paint Cyclops as right. Considering how Remender is writing ‘the other side’ in Uncanny Avengers, you almost want to side with Cyclops just on the principle of the thing. You know, if you didn’t side with him already.

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Uncanny X-Men #9Poor Dazzler, she just can’t get out of her disco days, someone always remembers.

This issue is pretty hilarious actually. From Irma cutting her hair and sending the sisters into a tizzy, to Dazzler’s unfortunate clothing choices in the past, to Maria Hill taking an impromptu vacation, to highjacking the hellicarrier… I giggled a few times, this is true.

Though this issue does bring up an interesting question, even if Fabio went willing with Scott because they saved his life, since he’s 16 and therefore not a legal adult, wouldn’t it technically still be kidnapping? I like it when little points like that are poked and prodded, underlining the reality of the situation. That’s how you make things more ‘real’ to me, not by running around and killing everything the moves.

But I digress. It seems like Mystique is still up to no good and poor Dazzler has been knocked out… at least I hope just knocked out… she was only knocked out, right? 0.o

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Uncanny X-Men #8Mutants have always been seen as an analogue for various minorities around the world. Bendis makes full work of that in this issue.

First you have newly minted mutant David who is just figuring out his powers when the police come and treat him like he just murdered someone. Not to mention the woman who was previously thinking things were kinda cool, what with him controlling cars and whatnot, decides to immediately out him to save her own skin.

Then you have Fabio go home to get the typical denial and ‘you’ve been brainwashed’ reaction out of his parents who don’t want it to be true, complete with ‘we should have gone to church more’ comment.

It’s actually laid on a bit thick but the pacing being broken up by the Cuckoo’s comedic stylings and Scott and Magneto’s talk. Magneto is one of those characters that has been through it all, seen a lot of crap, so you want to listen to what he has to say, even if you don’t really agree with it, because he always has a good point. It’s nice to see that at least the two can be honest with each other, though his comment about his kids miff’s me a bit. Perhaps it’s because he’s always had a hard time being a father to them? They never needed him to be, they were strong enough on their own, and if anything Magneto needed them. Maybe he’s projecting onto Scott? Dunno, too early to tell at this point.

Lastly, the Cuckoo’s are hilarious, where they always this awesome or is this a Bendis thing?

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Uncanny X-Men #7Have I mentioned Illyana kinda scares the crap out of me?

This issue didn’t do much to levy that fear, though it did pretty much stake her claim in BAMF territory. Not only does she time travel back in time to talk to Dr Strange pre-Avengers, but she basically absorbed Limbo. Something tells me that’s not gonna end well. If anything that’s got to induce some serious heartburn…

The new recruits though had a trial by fire and are going to come out of it worse for wear. They could end up losing some of the team, dunno, but it’s nice to see one of the Stepford Cuckoos actually acting like real human teenage girl for once. And good to see Scott not trying to cover up his power malfunction as well. He admits that they all need new training.

I think the really scary part is that this all might actually work out for them since they are being open and honest with most everything, even if they really don’t want to let anyone leave.

However, one can never be too sure in an X-Men comic where things will actually go from here…

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Uncanny X- Men #5Is it just me or does Irving draw Magneto like Christopher Lloyd?

Uncanny Resemblance aside, we move back to Cyclops’ new school with the Cuckoo’s and Angel in tow… just in time for Magik to lose control.

I’m not really up on Magik’s back story with Limbo though I know there is a lot of bad blood there. Considering her powers are broke like the rest of the Phoenix Five, it’s not surprising that her history is coming back to haunt her.

I like how Scott is done here, he really does care about Magik and is worried about what’s happening to her, both for the sake of herself and his team. This matches up wonderfully to how Bendis is writing young Scott’s character. They are both leaders who do actually give a damn and aren’t meglomaniacs. Bendis is really giving something for the “Cyclops Was Right” camp to sink their teeth into.

Not sure though what I think of the Scott romance angle though. In All-New X-Men, Jean is all jealous of Mystique’s relationship with young Scott though there really isn’t anything to worry about there. In Uncanny X-Men, it seems Tempus has developed a school-yard crush on old Scott which did not sit well with Emma even though Scott would never look at Tempus as more than a student (or one would hope, I know Scott has had a bad track record what with cheating on his wives but never with girls WAY to young for him… and Tempus is not even a telepath).

Oh well, still better than what’s going on with Alex Summers’ love-life in Uncanny Avengers.

Lastly, I never cared much for the Cuckoo’s, but the way they put the smack down on the other boys… nice…

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Uncanny X-Men #4This is why you don’t let a writer cross over his own books.

Instead of doing what everyone else does, which is let the one book be a full crossover (All-New X-Men #10) and other be a completely other story that kinda touches on what happened (if that’s even needed)… we’re forced to set through the same story all over again, only this time listening to Emma’s thoughts throughout the whole thing.

It’s not that Emma doesn’t have anything interesting to say, cause she does, but it’s just that with it framed by a story we already read… it makes it very blah.

The kids though do offer some refreshing change of pace, I love how they stumbled into the danger room and all that, but right now things are just really slow as he attempts to keep pace with his other title… like he’s writing one big story only every other chapter is named differently. In some ways, that’s pretty cool, in others, it’s annoying as hell… which I would think would go double for anyone not reading one of the titles.

Oh, and he spoils who left the School to join Cyclops… what ever happened to convenient editing of a conversation and characters being off panel? Geesh… that’s Writers Trolling 101.

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Uncanny X-Men #3Yes, a Kangaroo themed Australian Superhero is just plain lazy.

I’ll give the Avengers props in this one. They did “Assemble” but at least tried to talk to Scott and not shoot first (well, Hawkeye would have if someone had let him). Unfortunately, when you have two sides who both think the other is responsible… you’re going to have some major differences of opinions. I want to believe both of them are right… to a point… and the only people I really want to empathize with are the new mutants who are just kinda there. They came into being a mutant, and all the baggage that comes with that, at probably the worst time possible… so it’s easy to see how they would fall under Scott’s direction.

The analogues for racism and sexism are pretty blatant and typical but at least not over done.

Magneto is still a strange one. He admits to having been a ‘traitor’ but says it’s all part of his plan. Mags is a pretty cunning genius and it’s nice to see that he’s actually being cunning… and a genius… but is he trustworthy? Only time will tell.

As for Illyana… she’s nutz… but it’s a fun crazy. She keeps this up and maybe she can intern for Harley Quinn…

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Uncanny X-Men #2I’ve always prefered Emma Frost as the bad guy. It has nothing to do with Scott or Jean… I just like the concept behind the White Queen. I really think she could have been the one to rule the world… and not through force but in the Emperor Palpatine style where she gets the world handed to her through cunning and subterfuge.

As the good girl, I just find her boring.

In respect to the second issue of the new(er) Uncanny X-Men, I find myself torn trying to figure out what I think of this new iteration of Emma.

While she admits that part of her wants to blame others for her mistakes… the mistakes that’s she coping to, that she is blaming herself for, is hurting Scott for the whole thing she did with Namor. Scott was treating you like crap (cause, you know, he’s a serial adulter) and then you were kinda possessed. Not saying you don’t have stuff to feel guilty for Emma, but that should be so much lower on your list.

As for her teaching and being part of the revolution… that kinda goes back to her older roots of the Hellfire Club and the Massachusetts Academy. She’s also fairly blunt and honest, especially when it comes to Illyana scaring the crap out of her (which she should scare her cause that’s one mentally mucked-up snowflake).

So I’m not really sure if I want to be sympathetic towards her… or root for her to evolve back into the White Queen who could kick all their butts. We’ll definitely have to see where things go with her characterization here in this title… but first let’s see how many survive the Avengers.

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Review: Uncanny X-Men #1

Uncanny X-Men #1The last Uncanny X-Men run was short and ended on a pretty high note, I was sorry to see it go. So when the new run started, I wanted to give it a chance.

It was… interesting.

We know Scott Summers has lost his mind (or doing what needs to be done depending on what side you want to take) and is leading a bit of a mutant revolution. In his gang is Emma, Magneto, Illyana and a couple of newbies, all of which got swanky new uniforms. Which brings me to a side note: Emma Frost wearing something other than white… is this a sign of the apocalypse?

Not a whole lot happens in this story, action wise, and that’s okay, because it’s a very nice set up story. Someone, who remains in the shadows, is telling Director Hill all about Scott Summers and how he’s barely holding it all together. That someone… is Magneto.

Yeah, if Magneto thinks you’re arrogant and a ‘murdering monster’ who needs to be stopped… you got problems.

So like I said, interesting turn of events, we shall see how they play out.

Oh, as for ol’ Mags… what happened to your hair?!? Rogue dump you so you decided to try the Bruce Willis look?


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