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We finally get our first trailer for Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier courtesy of Apple, but in case you don’t do QuickTime, here it is on YouTube.

captain america 2 teaser posterAt first blush, the tone is very different from the first film, which makes a lot of sense seeing as it’s set 80 years later and the world has very much changed. Winter Soldier looks to have the popular ‘dark and gritty’ feel but does so by bordering on a political thriller style reminiscent of Tom Clancy. It’s good to see that the Cap movies are doing their own thing and not trying to skate on the Avengers popularity by mimicking the style. Considering that Rogers is a soldier in an major peacekeeping/military body and the general tone of modern politics, you only really have two choices: Campy or Clancy… and I’m so glad they chose Clancy. It’s a natural fit and looks stunning.

Between the Shakespeare of Thor 2 and the Tom Clancy of Captain America 2… I think I’m more interested in Cap as a movie… but yes, I’m more interested in Loki as a character.

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New teaser poster for Captain America: Winter Soldier via Marvel’s CA twitter account.

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