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I’ve uploaded Part 4 of my Fan Fiction Writing Workshop. It is entitled “Setting and World Building: I Am So Lost…

In this section I go over how to pick the location for your fan fiction, how much description is too much when you’re writing in a world that has already been established, and tips on how to create your own new location/world. I could have literally wrote pages and pages, but hopefully I’ve condensed it enough to get across the major points.

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I have put up Part 3 of my fan fic writing workshop:

Part 3 – Plot: The Other White Meat

Most fan fic writers have a basic idea what they want to write about but have no idea what to write. Figuring that out is easy, you only have to answer two questions: How and Why.

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I started a Workshop for Fan Fiction, you can see the tab up at the top. Basically, I’m taking my years of experience in both reading and writing Fan Fiction to help others figure out how to improve their work. I have already posted Parts 1 and 2.

There will be no set posting schedule but I should have one up at the minimum once a month.

Feedback is always welcomed.

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There is a neat little article on io9 that I thought I’d share: Learn to Be a Better Writer By Reading Fanfiction

I would have made some other points but this covered a lot of the basics. Writing Fan Fic can make you become a better writer.

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