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Review: X-Factor #243

X-Factor #243

X-Factor #243

X-Factor #243

X-Factor is not one of the titles that I subscribe too because, on a whole, it’s just way too messed up. My bro-in-law likes to call it quirky… I do not think that word means what he thinks it means (to paraphrase one of the most awesome films of all time).

Anyway, I wanted to get #243 because it was going to finally give us the download on what happened to Polaris’ mother. Long story short… ‘yawn’.


Lorna has an uncontrollable burst of mutant energy and this causes the plane crash which kills her mom and ‘dad’. Mags comes by afterwards and has Mastermind block it from her mind and viola, instant explanation why Lorna’s always been a bit unstable.

It’s just… well… it’s got no flair to it. Lorna is hardly the first mutant whose powers have manifested at the worst possible time… and having her accidentally kill her family, well, compared to some of the stuff Peter David has come up with in X-Factor, this is really lame.

Maybe this suffers from high expectations? I mean, it’s not a bad storyline, it certainly does fit in the universe and is believable enough… but… dunno.

I’ll be honest, I was exploring a similar plot line for Cyclops in my Series since no aliens means I have to crash his family’s plane somehow… but I haven’t written it yet because it just, well, doesn’t seem to work (though granted mostly because I’m trying to figure out how Alex could survive as well with no one figuring it out – so it’s possible the kid might not make it).

But yeah, it’s a simple, borderline cliché plot device which makes it meh… which is why I haven’t actually written Scott’s Origin yet and why I was expecting more from this issue.

Though at least I will count my blessings because considering some of the stuff David has come up with in the past… um, yeah, we’ll go ahead and call this one a win.

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