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X-Files: Season 10 #1Okay, so I started this blog intending to mainly focus on X-Men, Marvel, and Fan Fiction, I wasn’t going to review the other stuff I read such as Suicide Squad and Wood’s Star Wars. In fact, I don’t review every Marvel title I read either (why am I still reading Thunderbolts?)… but The X-Files television series is really what shaped me as a writer, how I put things together like plot, pacing, etc. Mulder and Scully were strong characters and when the show was good, it was beyond good. Though, when it was bad, it was beyond bad (I’ll never forgive Chris Carter for that finale).

So when I heard they were doing a Season 10 comic book ala Buffy and Angel, I knew I had to get it. (Actually, I got four of them, I have a compulsion when it comes to variant covers.)

I was… disappointed. But that may just be because I set the pedestal very high.

I’m going to look past the artwork because while it’s not especially good, it’s not terribly bad either. I mean, at least the actors look like themselves and aren’t demonic like in X-Men Legacy. A friend did point out that Scully starts out in a skirt and magically changes into pants when she meets Skinner… suddenly I’m reminded of the Hollywood A.D. episode… anyway, we’ll move past that for now.

It starts out with a typical “Scully in peril” trope from the tv show which is cool, I mean, it’s classic… but the rest of it just kinda slowly goes down hill. Mulder has regressed to his kiddish nature as seen in the pilot episode and throughout the first season. He’s grown a lot since then and it just didn’t seem to fit for him to be that much like a ten year old. And Scully, seeing her cry just didn’t work for me either. I get she was talking about the child they gave up but Scully was never one to express her sorrow so easily, it was usually after a much larger buildup.

Speaking of William… while I like that they are going to address that sore spot of a plot-point in the series, if they don’t handle it properly, it will just make the wound that much more painful.

That being said, it wasn’t a bad comic in and of itself. It didn’t try to drown the reader in exposition and even though it obviously assumes you have seen the tv series it isn’t so riddled with drop-ins as to annoy someone who might be interested in getting into the comic books.

I think mostly I was expecting to open it up and be able to hear Mark Snow’s theme music as I read the pages… and that just didn’t happen. I couldn’t help but put the pedestal to unreachable heights, I can at least acknowledge that.

But I am very much interested in seeing where this goes, and what the Lone Gunman have to do with it… seeing that they’re dead and all (though one can never be too sure).

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