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X-Men Legacy #15That moment when the comic specifically mentions Dr Who… then proceeds to steal directly from it. Well, at least they’re somewhat honest.

The whole ‘drum beat’ thing, totally taken from The Master in Dr Who. I was thinking it even before the parting shot at the end with the Uncanny X-Men. And yeah, looks like David is going to go after a little revenge. All because he lost his mother…

Speaking of which, what the heck? I knew, from spoilers, that she was going to die, but the shear amount of  rushing through the story was annoying. David gives his big long speech about how his mother was never there for him. She throws a few words back. They prove the Xavier in his head isn’t really Xavier. Then boom, they suddenly are hugging and they’ve made up. It’s all to neat and easy. I mean, really, David with his emotional issues… it was all too easy. Then she dies, lets herself die cause apparently she’s adverse to going against the natural order. But… mutants are natural, what is this ‘different worlds’ crap?

It kinda makes her out to be a bit of a bigot. Our World. Mutant’s World. Never Shall They Cross.  That’s segregation which has always been a tool of racism. Just throwing that out there…

p.s. why did the artist draw gabrielle like ruth? that’s just creepier than usual…

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Review: X-Men Legacy #14

X-Men Legacy #14I feel like I watched an episode of Leverage.

Nothing was as it seemed and the whole thing was cleverly choreographed to get a certain person in the right place at the right time. It was all even revealed through a quick flashback of ‘this is actually what was happening’. I loved Leverage, so yeah, this issue put a little smile on my face simply because of the nostalgia factor there. (Can you have nostalgia for a show that’s been cancelled for only one year?)

As for Pete Wisdom, there really needs to be more of him. I would like to see a new Excalibur or MI13 title. Not gonna happen, but a girl can dream.

As for the next issue, looks like Mommy is showing up, and from I hear, this can only end badly.

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X-Men Legacy #13I heart Pete Wisdom. He just doesn’t give two flying you know whats.

So when David comes to London-town on his preemptive mission, Peter gets a little preemptive on his own. Tracking David down he tells him to shove off. Then when David tries to mentally manipulate him, Pete figures it out and is more put out. One thing you don’t want on your hands is a very annoyed and grumpy Brit. This is fact. Though somehow I suspect he didn’t do nearly as much damage as that last panel would have us to believe.

It was actually a pretty fun issue, what with a who’s who of British mutants popping in for cameos. Kinda annoyed though that Psylocke and Pixie couldn’t break David’s mind control like Pete, but then Pete has been through Avalon and back so who knows… not to mention he is a very grumpy Brit.

I guess the big question is if David is going to end up going through with his plan… and just what the heck Aqiria has to do with everything… because you know… it’s important cause of course it is.

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X-Men: Legacy #12Now it makes sense for David to have been wearing the Marty McFly jacket before, because the guy does know how to manipulate the time stream.

However, I can’t help but feel a little WTF about him letting Marcus get killed. Sure, the man was a puppet for Red Skull, but that’s hardly his own fault. Yes, the group could be considered very dangerous for mutants, but simply discrediting them would be a far better choice than simply letting the man die like that.

Just seems a little cold blooded.

And David doesn’t seem to be any close to stopping or changing up his path of pre-emptive attacks. This can all go downhill very quickly.

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X-Men Legacy #11David Haller is just a bit of a prick, isn’t he, but it works to his advantage.

I mean, who else would just stand up to Red Skull after all the stuff he’s done, both in general and personal against David, and just ‘whatevers’. So you’re Red Skull and you stole my dad’s brain, whoop-tee-do. You kinda have to admire that, even if it’s just a bit insane.

Then there is Ruth, running around trying to find someone to help David and the only person who might actually like him other than her she can’t even communicate with (and here I thought everyone could just understand Doop automatically). But she made herself a little team of some decently powerful superheroes… let’s see if they have what it takes to stand up to both Legion and Red Skull.

As for Red Skull… what is his plans with David? Whatever it is, can’t be good.

P.S. can we get a better artist on this title? Davidson and Huat make everyone look so… emaciated and semi-demonic…

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xmenlegacy10As much as I’m enjoying where this title has been going recently… I can’t help but be a little annoyed at how the writer just loves to refer to Ruth as a weirdo. Just because she wears the blindfold and has telekinetic and precognative abilities, as well as a speech impediment, doesn’t make her weird, at least by X-Men/Mutant standards. You would think that her fellow X-Men would be more forgiving of her differences? I suppose this is just an extension of Spurrier’s mad dash in the first issues to totally ditch on the X-Men in order to build up David, and I can kinda see the Cuckoo’s being all Mean Girl but Pixie? I dunno, it just bugs me.

But getting to the issue at hand, David believes he is going to end the world one day… and apparently has no idea how precognition actually works. For one, he took the power from one of his ‘demons’ which obviously has his own agenda. And there are things like self-fulfilling prophecies. And as for the ‘destiny’ that he thinks he sees… yeah… again… never trust the future, especially when destiny is involved because one thing is often not like the other. (and like his deal with the Xavier demon isn’t going to come back and bite him in the arse)

But that is no slight against Spurrier, he’s really taken David on a rollercoaster of emotions and he’s truly a mess. So it makes sense as to why he would want to get rid of his ‘mutant side’ as it were.

Also, nice to see a look at one of the glaring issues regarding super hero comics, there is always the collateral damage, the people who get stuck in the middle of stuff they have no way of fighting against and get hurt because of it. It’s a very real reason for people to be afraid of what mutants and superheros mean to them.

So, yeah, this should get interesting…

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X-Men Legacy #9For the love of all things comic-booky, please get a new artist on this title. Seriously, Ruth looks like a hag and David is just plain creepy.

Other than that, again, this title has really picked up its game.

David really has some issues… skirting somewhere between Magneto and Xavier. He wants to be pro-active, to stop things before they start, which is noble enough, I suppose, but when it starts to go to the extreme… well… we see how it worked out for Magneto. It’s nice to see the moral ambiguity not over-done or under-played though.

And Ruth isn’t so much David’s nemesis but his moral compass… which, thinking about it… maybe those are actually the same thing?

I kinda feel sad for everyone by the end of this story, David, Ruth, and the would-be killer. This… is a good thing.


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X-Men Legacy #8Okay, so David and Ruth are officially turning into a cute couple (if a touch creepy).

Other than they really need to get a different artist on this title, X-Men Legacy has really grown and changed in the last few issues to something quite wonderful. David’s plans for being more pro-active have turned into something of a pseudo-morality discussion. It’s really quite clever and interesting.

As for David and Ruth, they really are a good couple, they are both a bit off in the same way and the fact that they can ‘watch’ each other is made less creepy in that they can do it to each other (so no weird stalking vibes if only one could watch the other). The age thing still has me a bit confused as I’m not terribly sure how old either of them are… so I’m just going to think whatever is least creepy to me.

Now, as for the Xavier in David’s head… still not sure what he is (cause he’s definitely not Xavier himself)… but mystery is the spice of life.

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X-Men Legacy #7Best use of the word “sproing”… ever… of all time…

Well, last we saw Legion, sorry, David Haller, (he does make a case for not being called Legion any more though personally I think he should embrace it) he was walking away from Xavier’s in nothing but sweat pants. Now he’s found Marty McFly’s jacket and a Hat of Holding +3… seriously… how did he keep his hair in that thing?!?

Since he doesn’t believe in the X-Men, he’s taken matters into his own hands by being pro-active and neutralizing threats before they become serious threats. This also coincides with the Luca storyline in that he goes after the people who corrupted Luca first. It’s a devilish little plot and soon Abigail Brand and S.W.O.R.D. get in on the act to hilarious effect. Seriously, this issue had me laughing out loud. It was very much a departure from previous issues.

The sub-plot is Ruth has been mentally following David there is a mushy moment when their attempt to infiltrate The Church of the Happy Host is likened to a date. I’m still not sure what I think of them as a couple but they kinda grew on me in this issue.

Going back to the change in style and tone in #7… it really is that much different but still in the vein of the previous comics. It’s like having a breather or cool-down after a marathon and really helps with the pacing of the overall story as this is, essentially, a filler comic. If only the artist hadn’t changed to one who draws David like… well… he’s just weird, okay… then this could have been an A++ issue. It will just have to settle for an A.

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X-Men Legacy #6This issue proves that prognostics really are a pain in the butt.

So, David is able to pull himself together long enough to start using some of his many abilities, getting a self-esteem boost for the win. But ultimately, he has both Daddy issues and one very dangerous personality in his mind and falls apart again. He also obviously doesn’t care about his health cause he goes walking away in the rain in nothing but some sweat pants. (Surely someone at the School would have offered him at least a coat?!?)

Blindfold ends up saving the day, either killing Luca or at least incapacitating him for a while, they didn’t make that quite clear cause he did get stabbed in the back with his body breaking apart but the eyes do go flying off into the air. Oh well, I’m sure it won’t be long till we find out.

I keep thinking that Blindfold has to be a teenager, like 17 or 18… how old is David now? He’s been around awhile and Xavier was fairly older so he should be in at least his mid to late 20s… so not sure what I think about those potentially hooking up, but we’ll see.

Lastly, “Charles Xavier” appears in David’s head but seeing as he kinda ‘transforms’ I’m pretty sure it’s just one of his personalities pulling a fast one on him.

This is a rather middle of the road issue but at least it leans away from all the ‘bad mouthing the x-men to push up David’s character’ stuff for the most part. Hopefully this means the end of the set up phase of the title and we’ll start getting some good adventures and characterization moments. I do give this issue props for the cover page with quotes like “One does not simply…”, “There can be only one.”, and “Epic Fail.”

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