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Seriously, just look at that shirt…

Bryan Singer tweeted this garish image of James McAvoy as Professor X and at least we know the costume department has a sense of humor. But yeah, if this movie will take place predominantly in 1973 then this is the right look for Xavier… but perhaps a little overkill?

Singer hashtagged #Serpico on the tweet, Serpico being a the famous 1973 movie with Al Pacino as a police office who goes undercover to fight corruption in the NY Police Department, based on a true story as well. I don’t think this has anything to do with DOFP and is just Singer making fun of McAvoy’s hair.

Speaking of which, the hair question (as in when/how does he go bald) is a big one and McAvoy has made comment that it is something that will come up, though we don’t know anything on the particulars yet. From this picture, Xavier has more hair now than he’s ever had, which could make it quite ironic/hilarious should he lose it later in the film.

In any case, it looks like they have started filming present-time (yes, the 70s which is the past is technically present, that’s so X-Men) but that doesn’t mean the future stuff is over yet… though I wouldn’t be surprised if it was as the future shouldn’t take up that much screen time. In fact, we don’t want the future stuff to drown out the present-time because ultimately that’s what this is all about. It’s great to see the old gang together but it’s the present with the ‘First Class’ gang that is the crux of the story… or at least should be.

We still don’t know anything about the time traveller or Dinkledge’s role in the film and I doubt Singer will tweet any spoilers, but we’ll keep our eye out for them anyway as things are about to get interesting…

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