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All-New X-Men #18As a person, I like Jean Grey, but as character, I despise her.

This issue was going along rather nicely despite the fact that it’s still weird to see Kitty on Scott’s side, but her interactions with Illyana were pretty cool. Then suddenly this issue is all about how much everyone loves Jean Grey. It’s not even a commentary on how good of a person or whatever she is, nope, it’s about a bunch of guys who can apparently only think about why Jean doesn’t love them. To make it work, their thinking is horribly wrong and flawed, a lot of it is why the term ‘friendzoned’ is now offensive. No one can seem to write Jean as her own character, it’s always about her relationships and how everyone is in love with her.

I know, these are teenage boys and they are hormonal like that but do we really need panel after panel of these boys and their unhealthy obsession with Jean? Because that’s what it is, really unhealthy and I’m actually glad that Bendis does try to show how idiotic Hank is being and lets Jean get rightfully upset over how wrong the whole thing is. But at the same time, it all feels trite because he caps it off with a ‘rescue from the Angel’ and now there seems to be another goddamn contender in the ring.

Basically, what Bendis has here is an opportunity, he can either show how the objectification of a female by males is a bad thing by correcting these boys behavior towards her, or he can turn this into some kind of ‘wet dream’ fantasy over a character he had a hard on for when he was a teenage boy.

Forgive me if I don’t have a lot of faith right now, especially since this whole series seems to be one bad ‘teenage romance’ trope from the beginning.

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All-New X-Men #17Time Travel! You get to time travel! And you get to time travel! Everyone gets to time travel!

Have I mentioned how much I hate time travel arcs? Jubilee is going by Wolverine now, which is kinda nice, except it will never actually happen because they will never let Logan die. And how does Quire play host to the Phoenix Force if it’s been destroyed? Why can’t it stay dead too? Don’t get me started on the possible parentage of Kymera. UGH!

It is interesting to see that glimpse of the future and just how the one group of X-Men went off their rocker. Dazzler as President? Yeah, I can see it.

But all things considered, this “Event” has been running at a pretty slow pace. If they are giving us this pay off in part 6 of 10… I have a feeling there really isn’t much left for them to do and it will either end anti-climatically or very rushed. And except for whoever leaves/stays, none of this is going to matter in the long run.

What I really wanna know though… where is Rogue and/or Gambit in this future? Yes, I have a one track mind. If they aren’t going to get a direct mention then I’ll just assume they got married and shacked up in an Italian villa… totally plausible.

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All-New X-Men #16This issue marks Chapter 2 of the Battle of the Atom crossover event. And yet again, Bendis retells the story from a different point of view, only this time he does it inside the same issue. While there is nothing inherently wrong with that concept, I just feel that if they are doing an event they should do more in the time they have rather than rehash a lot of it. The whole idea of Jean getting paranoid that they won’t let them read their minds and then asking Beast and Scott to leave could have taken up maybe three pages at most and still gotten the point across.

Regardless, a lot did happen here. We get introduced to the future team, which, annoys me but not so much because of who they are but because, in general, I hate this concept when used inside a medium like comics. It’s just conjecture and ‘whatever is useful for the moment’ because there is no way any of this will be canon in the future. In a year, new writers, new events, etc, will completely invalidate the whole thing. So, yeah, me not liking this is a personal pet peeve and I really shouldn’t hold it against Bendis, but it definitely makes it harder for me to enjoy the story. Like, if Charles has a grandson, presumably that means David and Ruth hook up and that’s a big YAY! since they are one of my OTP’s. But it’s annoying to know that a year from now, that OTP can be totally crushed cause the plot dictates it.  That is the sound of my head hitting the desk.

As for everything else, some good points where made, like Jean going back is pretty much a death sentence for her. It’s a decent set up for much to come, a lot of sub-plots dancing around. Let’s see where this goes, and take most of it with a grain of salt.

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All-New X-Men #15You know what Jean’s true mutant power is? It’s the ability to make everyone fall in love with her.

Seriously, I mean, has there been any straight male character who hasn’t fallen for her at some point? It’s actually really freaking annoying. I can only imagine what it must be like for actual Jean/Scott shippers, hell, even Emma/Scott shippers. I’m kinda glad I don’t care if she gets with Scott, or anyone else for that matter, but if her whole story becomes ‘who will she choose’ kind of thing then I will have to save one of the slaps I’m going to give Remender and slap Bendis.

Bobby is always fun though, the way he’s kinda freaking out about his older self getting it on with Kitty. Then going out to the carnival and being so proud of himself as a mutant despite the fact that he’s heard a lot of bad things about how mutants are treated. It’s nice to see more of that other side, people who like mutants and think they are cool. Though I do wonder how much of it is genuine “mutants are people too” and how much is “mutants are a cool novelty”. I wonder if anyone will be bold enough to really go there on the social commentary…

Oh, and the whole Jean/Rachel thing… it’s kinda stupid but hilarious at the same time. When is someone going to tell Jean that Rachel is her daughter from another timeline? Does Jean already know due to the memories she downloaded? I hope we’ll see…

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All-New X-Men #14Young Bobby and Young Cyclops are cutie-pies. Mystique and Lady Mastermind are friggin’ awesome. That about sums it up.

There is actually a lot more going on in this issue. First off, Jean tried to use the persona of Dark Phoenix to stop the bad guys, but that only serves to give Wolvie a dose of PTSD and he nearly gutted Jean. It’s a pretty strong reaction from the feral guy and I almost don’t blame him, but still, she held it up for a few more seconds and he would have done it.

It looks like Lady Mastermind is back in prison again, which is a shame, I like how Bendis was writing her, she could have a lot of fun in another title, or least left out to be used elsewhere.

But it looks like the Mystique plot line is wrapped up for now, which means on to a filler issue before the next arch. With the whole ‘love is in the air’ teaser stuff, all I can do is groan.

p.s. I really liked the cover, I really wished they would have actually done something along those lines for the story though…

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All-New X-Men #13Mystique, never change, you are so freaking awesome. I have no idea what your real end-game is but apparently you want to buy a freaking island, Madripoor no less… that’s… that’s… yeah, just don’t change, ever.

In other news that isn’t that surprising, Bendis touches on the M-Word controversy and does a better job with it than Remender did. I do like how Kitty explains the concept of “Mutant and Proud” though not in so many words. This is the kind of discussion that really needs to be done with the idea of the “M-Word” floating out there but Remender isn’t really thinking it through and seems to have just tossed the comments in for the shock factor leaving the rest of the writers to do what he should be doing (and they are doing a great job of it).

It also makes me wonder if when Kitty says that Alex doesn’t speak for her… that maybe it’s Bendis saying Remender doesn’t speak for him.

As for the rest of the story, Lady Mastermind is going to do some damage with her illusion on Jean. Lady M teaming with Mystique really was a great idea… between the two of them, I’m not sure the core X-Men team really have a chance… (though, yeah, the X-Men will win, of course, le sigh).

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All-New X-Men #12 cover artworkOnce again, never trust the cover of a comic book, they lie to you… blatantly.

Havok and young-Scott do meet up and it’s actually kind of touching. Scott doesn’t realize his brother is alive (though why no one told him in all this time or he didn’t hear his brother’s M-speech I have no idea), so it’s a really great reunion where, as Cap puts it, Havok gets to see Scott ‘at his best’. Unfortunately we don’t get a lot of character time here as we should, and that’s because Jean attacks Wanda.

Jean, who promised she wouldn’t go poking into other’s minds, gets a look into Wanda’s mind and sees House of M and the most crippling words ever uttered in an X-Men comic: ‘No More Mutants’. Again, why have these kids not heard of this yet? You think they would grab a history book or go on this new fangled thing called Wikipedia?

Anyway, the old team already see Wanda as a bad guy cause last they saw of her she was in the Brotherhood (they must not met Rogue yet), so it’s natural they would be a bit wary of her. For Jean to see the House of M events from Wanda’s own mind because she was apparently ‘screaming it’, you can kinda understand Jean’s reactions, even if it was played up a bit much. But what we really need to take from this issue is two things:

  • Wanda was forgiven for ‘going insane’ and nearly destroying mutant kind. How does this parallel with Cyclops? People would argue that while Wanda was literally ‘insane’ over the loss of her child, Cyclops had a lot more control over his facilities, esp in how he treated things afterwards by going on his little Revolution kick. What I want is an issue that is nothing but Wanda and old Scott having a little chat…
  • Wanda was ‘screaming’ the event in her mind. Obviously she is very much haunted by what she did. Her children died (and though they ‘came back’ she didn’t get to raise them). Her husband left her after she used him, killed him and brought him back (while insane). She has to believe that almost no one trusts her any more, even if they say they do. And this trust issue is dealt with organically.

The sad part is that this is all great stuff… but in the wrong comic. Remender will ignore all of this for his tripe in Uncanny Avengers.

Other high points: Mystique is up to something, as always. Lady Mastermind isn’t stupid. Creed kinda is but we knew that already.

And as was pointed out by greatrhodeybutt on tumblr:      

and it’s real funny how the idea of the uncanny avengers is mutant/humans together. uniting mutants and humans.  uniting avengers and x-men.

and cap is throwing lines around like “you’re an avenger. i trust you.  but these x-men”


Yeah… pretty much that.

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All-New X-Men #11Not exactly the smartest cover considering that Bendis gave away the game in his previous issue of Uncanny X-Men. You think someone would have noticed this and fixed either this cover or the ending of UXM #4 so that it wasn’t so revealing. In fact, UXM #5, which continues to spill the secret, came out before this issue of All-New, so, yeah, there was no hope in keeping it under wraps that Angel left to join old Cyclops. Really bad planning all around…

Oh well.

This issue was very interesting, it was nice to see young Jean put in her place by the Cuckoo’s. It was something that needed to be done or else Jean would end up on the path of not-so-nice Jean. It was a good way to get to her sorted realistically without having to drag out that story plot. Let’s just hope Bendis keeps to it.

As for Angel, I really can see why he’d side with Cyclops. Of the core group, Angel has met himself and realized that he literally becomes someone he couldn’t recognize. That’s right in front of his face which is a lot harder to deal with then Jean’s being dead because it’s not something that is physical and tangible. To Angel, seeing himself like that is walking proof that he, as he knows himself, is dead and that has to hurt.

And then of course there is Mystique, she’s having way to much fun being bad… and that’s exactly the way we like her.

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All-New X-Men #10So… why isn’t everyone kicking each other’s butts? I mean, they are right there in front of you… you have home court advantage and out number Old Cyclops’ team… just… have at it.

Anyway, the Mystique and S.H.I.E.L.D. stuff was interesting but everything else just felt like filler that you could file under ‘crap we already knew’. Basically he was holding time until the reveal of who is going to end up leaving the school to join Cyclops. That said, the final ‘oh no, not you’ but don’t tell us who is going is a little tripey actually. With that much ‘gasp’ with no substance makes me think it’s not nearly as interesting and it wants us to think it will be.

Oh well, let’s see how this is going to effect things later down the line… and who actually left.

And just what does Mystique want all the money for… I have a feeling it’s not for shoes… Lady Mastermind on the other hand…

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All-New X-Men #9Sometimes I really have to wonder if the X-Men realize how hypocritical they can be at times? There is a fine line between learning how to survive and learning to be soldiers. I don’t think anyone has really thought this through in the X-Men universe… but that is kinda what makes this whole thing with Revolutionary Scott so interesting…

But besides that, Jean and Scott are both on the edge right now. Jean won’t stay out of people’s minds (and is apparently jealous of Mystique just cause Scott had one conversation with her). And Scott is still feeling like the brother living in the shadow of the older brother (or in his case, himself). It’s a powder keg just waiting for something to explode…

And of course Mystique is happy to just cause random havoc… though I doubt there is anything random about her decision to break Lady Mastermind (sorry, just Mastermind now cause Lady Mastermind is apparently sexist) out of jail. Though as jail breaks go… Mystique’s got style, I’ll give her that.

Now with Old Scott and his gang showing up on the school’s doorstep to recruit… yeah… this can’t end well…

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