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1X10 – Ghosts
Air Date: 12/14/2013
Kitty heads home for the holiday and dredges up too many memories while her friends back at the mansion are confronted by their own ghosts.
Rated TV-14 for Emotional Trauma

Sorry for the lateness of this episode, but as I said before, I decided to edit this one to make it better and I’m quite proud of it. I made myself cry more times than I’ll ever admit to and much comfort food was had.

Thanks again so much to geekgirl101 who is my Special Consultant on Jewish Matters and without whom I wouldn’t have had the confidence to write this episode to the effect that I did.

And also to chellerbelles who kept me sane during the times I became an emotional wreck. Bring your tissues people, this episode will hit you where it hurts!

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1X08 – Scarlet
Air Date: 11/29/2013
And old member of the Acolyte team returns and it’s business as usual with a predictably unpredictable twist. The holidays approach the Xavier Institute.

Special thanks to my Special Consultant on Jewish Mattersgeekgirl101

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