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Bryan Singer just confirmed on his twitter account that Days of Future Past will receive the coveted Memorial Day tent-pole position in 2014 meaning it will come out Friday, May 23rd, 2014.

Days of Future Past Film-VerseMemorial Day Weekend in the USA is one of the biggest selling weekends for movies and so companies like to put out films that will give them a strong opening. For example, this year saw the release of Hangover III¬†which had a 42mil opening weekend (and it is a¬†Rated R film) and Fast Six which did 97mil . This means that Fox has a lot of faith in this film which hasn’t even finished production yet.

Though, with the literal all-star cast which includes several Oscar winners and some really hot names right now, they probably call this movie a win-win regardless.

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Saw this photo on tumblr from and maybe it’s because I’ve been reading Fearless Defenders… but the woman decked out in 70s garb looks an awful lot like Misty Knight.

Mystique and possibly Misty Knight?

Big afro and red clothes from head to toe… could be a coincidence as this is set in 1973 and that would be¬†a period outfit. Though Singer did leave a lot of spaces open on his casting board. The actress also¬†looks really familiar but for the life of me I can’t place her.

Here, Singer is talking to both her and Jennifer, so this woman is more than an extra as the Director doesn’t speak to extras, the Assistant Director does.

Mystique and possibly Misty Knight?

The thing is, Misty has no connection to the DOFP storyline nor any of the major characters in it. The only X-Man she had any real connection to was Jean Grey. Of course, that doesn’t mean she can’t be the kick-butt character she always was and is somehow involved, in fact, she was a police woman early in her background before becoming bionic (I see no bionics in this, at least obvious bionics) and maybe that’s how she’s in the middle of all this (and how she becomes bionic).

But these pictures are on the same set used for the Paris Peace Accords meaning this takes place in France. Not saying Misty couldn’t have gone there on her own or with the X-Men, but it does put a little hole in the theory.

Like all things, we shall see…

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Bryan Singer has tweeted what he’s calling a ‘vengeful’ Mystique, played by Jennifer Lawrence.

So the question is, what does she have to be vengeful about? Going with the comic-canon Mystique… that would be quite a list of true and perceived injustices for her to be miffed about. Going from First Class… she kinda gets what she wants. She goes off with the hot guy¬†to do whatever the heck she wants and seemed to be only moderately sad for leaving her ‘brother’ Xavier. If anything, old-Mystique from X3¬†is the one who should be pissed… though will Jennifer be playing her older self as well? Even though Rebecca owned the role in the first X-films, being a shapeshifter, Jennifer could play her old-self, once the cure wore off.

Or, is something going to happen (or did happen in the intervening years) which will make Mystique so vengeful? (Please let that involve Kurt… oh please, oh please.)

Going from a film/technical perspective. It was reported¬†back in February that Jennifer would forgo the body paint and instead wear a body suit for the role. With the original body paint there was several pieces which were ‘glued’ on to do the scale effect and to preserve Rebecca and Jennifer’s dignity. From this photo, I’m pretty sure it’s a body suit as I can see a ridge line at her neck.¬†It looks good,¬†well matched color to the face paint and it’s very¬†form¬†fitting. However,¬†Jennifer¬†is standing still at the moment, it will be the action sequences which will be the most telling if this works or not.

In any case, I know Jennifer is a big star now, but, dunno, if Rebecca could do the paint three movies in a row, don’t see why Jennifer couldn’t… of course I’m not an actor so what do I know?

UPDATE: I missed the story were apparently Jennifer had issues with the paint, giving her hives and stuff, which then makes the switch make total sense.

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