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Bryan Singer just confirmed on his twitter account that Days of Future Past will receive the coveted Memorial Day tent-pole position in 2014 meaning it will come out Friday, May 23rd, 2014.

Days of Future Past Film-VerseMemorial Day Weekend in the USA is one of the biggest selling weekends for movies and so companies like to put out films that will give them a strong opening. For example, this year saw the release of Hangover III which had a 42mil opening weekend (and it is a Rated R film) and Fast Six which did 97mil . This means that Fox has a lot of faith in this film which hasn’t even finished production yet.

Though, with the literal all-star cast which includes several Oscar winners and some really hot names right now, they probably call this movie a win-win regardless.

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First Bryan Singer might have annoyed Marvel with his Avengers comment on his tweet regarding Quicksilver… now I think he’s set his sights after DC.

Granted, it’s a nice fun play on words considering the photo he attached.

Obviously Magneto is doing one of his patented ‘use the force of magnetism to make myself fly’ routine which can be quite effective in making others think twice about messing with him. He’s also wearing the long coat which has become a bit of a trend lately (not that I mind, at all).

A billion things could be happening right now, but he is wearing the same clothes as seen in this set picture below:

Xavier and Magneto in DOFP

So while these two are obviously just heading to work and may not even be in the same scene together, they are both going to be wherever it is that Magneto has decided to go all Batman (apparently). This someplace could be the previously pictured Paris Peace Accords, putting both of these characters there.

Things are really shaping up into what could be a very interesting sub-plot of the film.

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