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This bit of wish list starts here, I was catching up on Merlin via Netflix and a thought occurred to me: Bradley James (aka King Arthur) for a role in Star Wars Episode VII.

He is the right age for a Solo or Skywalker descendent, plus he has the looks, especially for a Skywalker. Blue eyes, strong chin… as a blonde he could be a Skywalker, as a brunette he could be a Solo. He’s showed chops in being able to play someone with a great weight on them, also has a pretty good ‘straight man’ comedic timing.

Bonus, he already knows how to swing a sword and fight, a lightsaber isn’t much of a stretch.

Double Bonus, he was in Merlin… and SW partly ripped off that tale… so… yeah…

I wish that Bradley James gets cast in the new Star Wars: Episode VII

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