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Marvel Knights X-Men #5This limited run in the Marvel Knights imprint comes to a close with issue five… and it’s not what I was expecting.

The story has been pretty dark and gritty (in a good way), giving us a really nice look at the downside of being a mutant. Not to mention this series played up the use of mutants as an analogue for minorities and anyone who is different. The way it was so well written, this was one of those times where I would have accepted a death or two as a realistic and purposeful outcome of the story.

Instead, we get a message of hope. The girl who messed up fixes her mistake and helps the girl who feels the weight of her mutation like concrete boots.

This entire series has been a breath of fresh air from the typical writing seen lately in comics so I really should have seen this coming. This is an old-school ending, a throw-back to a time sorely missed.

It would be great if we could get more of these Marvel Knights series by Revel, or just more writing like this in general. Marvel really should take note.

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Marvel Knights: X-Men #4And pretty much everything goes to pot.

This is exactly what people are afraid of when they worry about what happens when mutants are left unchecked and untrained. This is touched on in the regular comics but here it takes on a very visceral form as Wolverine has apparently been under a suggestion spell, the girl had been used and abused by her Uncle, and Darla gets drunk and just doesn’t care anymore. The town is going to go up in a very big blaze of non-glory and it didn’t take much to do it.

Rogue and Wolverine get to use their history against east other. It’s a study in just how messed up these two are. Wolverine’s history is bloody, and Rogue’s mutation has to incur emotional issues that the regular comics can’t really touch without raising their ratings. It’s not quite as in depth as I would have loved to seen but the fact that Revel even goes there is pretty darn cool.

Being the second to last issue in a limited run, we get a lot of reveals and set up to the climax. At this point, I’m not sure how it’s going to end. Probably not with rainbows and kittens, that’s for sure.

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Marvel Knights: X-Men #3Why is this a five part series? I would love to see this as an ongoing title in its own universe.

The X-Men are getting assaulted by their memories and it’s doing something to Logan who is suffering from all the signs of a major PTSD meltdown. This leads Rogue to take him on head to head when he wants to kill the unfortunate mutant who is causing all the problems. Rogue won’t let him punish the girl for something she has no control over.

This is Rogue! Not that crap Remender gave us.

The story itself is turning into a pretty straight forward mild-horror without a lot of twists or turns, and in a way, that’s perfect. There is only five issues, there isn’t a lot Revel can do without muddying up the panels and making it seem super ridiculous that so many things conveniently happen at once. Instead the pace stays quick and we get a lot of character driven moments.

Basically… how a comic should be.

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Marvel Knights: X-Men #2Now this is how you do Rogue.

With so much horrible characterization of Rogue coming out of Remender, it’s great to see that someone over at Marvel still understand what makes Rogue tick, it’s just a shame that this is a mini. Not only is Rogue rough and tumble in her fighting but she is understanding and forgiving of someone who may have done something really bad but is obviously suffering and remorseful because of it. No pettiness here, no sir-ee. (Though, honestly, I think the memory was from the other girl, but we’ll see.)

Wolvie, on the other hand, is kinda off his rocker but that must be the point as Rogue is pointing it out for the audience’s benefit. Kitty just seems to be herself which is also good considering she’s not had the best characterization either under Bendis.

Seriously, can we just give Revel his own comic because he obviously know these characters. I guess not being forced to shoe-horn his story into the greater Marvel Universe has allowed him to not feel the need to just ‘make it work’ and actually present these characters as they should be.

As for the story itself, it’s all pretty mysterious what’s going down. There are some weird drugs made by gun-hoarding isolationists and the Sheriff is in on it… this can’t be good, and I can’t wait for more…

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Marvel Knights: X-Men #1The Marvel Knights imprint is the TV-14 of comics. They aren’t quite deserving of a mature rating, but they aren’t really for kids either.

That doesn’t necessarily make this a better comic, this one just happens to be a better comic.

Getting away from the politics and insanity that is the standard Earth-616 universe, Marvel Knights takes Logan, Kitty and Rogue to a small country town which has some serious issues. Namely, mutant kids are getting hunted down and killed. Obviously it’s a job for the X-Men.

The story is pretty straight forward but not over-simplified. The fact that it’s removed from everything else allows it to exist just as it is. It’s almost like a filler issue only five issues worth of filler that doesn’t have to set anything up. This makes it a nice soft read with a mystery at its heart that isn’t going to be some lame excuse for another cross over event or some such. It’s really just a good read, I don’t know how many ways I can say that.

I can only hope it can keep up with this and give us a nice little story. Seeing as it doesn’t have a lot of baggage dragging it down, it looks promising.

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