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Uncanny X-Men #20You know, I don’t know a lot about comic!Maria Hill, but I”m pretty sure she wouldn’t have the hots for Cyclops.

And if Cyclop’s team is powerful enough to take out the staff of the hellicarrier like that, or at least get into their heads, then why don’t they just pwn SHIELD and be done with this?
And if Cyclop’s team can just walk up to the school, then what the hell, is this a war or not? I’m so confused…

I’m sure all the stupidity with Bond and his being kicked out is either a master plan by Cyclops (the least likely because this would show forward thinking) or a way to turn one of the new mutants into a villain (the most likely as the shear level of stupidity is about right for how much Bendis actually cares).

Everything about the X-Men niche of the comics is annoying right now… especially when it comes to Bendis and Remender…

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Marvel Knights X-Men #5This limited run in the Marvel Knights imprint comes to a close with issue five… and it’s not what I was expecting.

The story has been pretty dark and gritty (in a good way), giving us a really nice look at the downside of being a mutant. Not to mention this series played up the use of mutants as an analogue for minorities and anyone who is different. The way it was so well written, this was one of those times where I would have accepted a death or two as a realistic and purposeful outcome of the story.

Instead, we get a message of hope. The girl who messed up fixes her mistake and helps the girl who feels the weight of her mutation like concrete boots.

This entire series has been a breath of fresh air from the typical writing seen lately in comics so I really should have seen this coming. This is an old-school ending, a throw-back to a time sorely missed.

It would be great if we could get more of these Marvel Knights series by Revel, or just more writing like this in general. Marvel really should take note.

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aos-ragtagThis was quite possibly the most ‘comical’ episode of the season. And by comically I mean comics.

From the suitcase of gadgets courtesy of Trip’s Howling Commando grandfather, to May’s backfliping down the hall and hanging up the phone, to Phil’s version of a large file transfer, this episode really did read like a comic book. But instead of coming off too cheesy, it really tempered the pace of the last few episodes which have been pretty heady with the right touch of angst. This episode was a reprieve from the finale which is probably going to make us all scream and cry and throw things.

Now, the episode wasn’t all fun and games. In fact, towards the end it pretty much gave us a healthy taste of what we’re going to expect in the finale… which is OMG WTF?

At this point I’m not sure if they want to redeem Ward or not… they start the episode with some back history… explain why he is the way he is… give him that ‘manipulated by Garrett into thinking he’s the be all and end all’… in fact, Ward reacts much like a child would to Garrett’s worsening state. But when  he’s given the chance to change, to do the right thing, he literally throws Fitz and Simmons out of the airplane. And I mean literally literally…

Sure, an argument could be made that Ward could have done a whole lot worse other than dropping them from what looked like a single story, maybe two, nothing that they couldn’t live through. But he still dropped them. He made that choice.

They are painting Ward into a corner he can’t get out of.

Loki much?


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The month of November was kinda rough on me with NaNoWriMo and other things.

I got behind on Arrow, partly because I wasn’t motivated to watch (if you’ve read my reviews then you’d understand), but mostly because my DVR died, CW isn’t On Demand, I don’t have Hulu+ and I can’t be motivated to watch it off the website (but I guess I’ll have to marathon it here soon).

My comic books are stacking up, they are about four inches deep. This was mostly a case of not having the time as I spent most of my days trying to get those 50k words for NaNo. But I’m going to get back on this, I don’t want to get too behind. So expect some spamming from me soon. 

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Uncanny Avengers #11I’ve gone from reading this title through abject distaste to reading it with feigned interest, which is actually a step up.

Now that Remender has no excuse to have Wanda and Rogue in the same place, he’s not filling up the pages with petty smack talk. So, yeah, that’s a plus. There is not nearly as much mis-characterization going on, but I feel like that is only a temporary reprieve.

As for the Horsemen, the shear amount of dialogue pretty much ruins anything that could be considered dramatic or heartfelt. Seriously, all these characters talk way too much, both verbally and in the thought boxes. I’m pretty sure we were supposed to feel something with Wolverine and Daken… pretty sure.

Lastly… Wanda is being used a weapon cause of ‘destiny’ stuff… excuse me while I sit here and sigh.

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Fearless Defenders #7For a story based around Norse Mythology… it’s showing clear signs of Greek influence. Not that this is a bad thing, mind you.

Val, knowing that she has to do something to correct this grievous error, goes to Valhalla to pull Annabelle from ‘paradise’. But it’s not that simple, she has to get Clea to help, thus adding the sorceress to the ranks of the Fearless. The addition of Clea really does make this a rather diverse team, powers wise, and it’s always good to see her back in the pages.

As for Annabelle, props to her, she’s not happy in Valhalla, it’s not her thing, but she’s accepting of her fate. She knew going in she might die, even before approaching Rage, and especially after she decided to do so. She wanted out but she wasn’t going to let Val get into trouble cause of it. Though body-sharing? She didn’t exactly sign up for that… so this should be rather interesting.

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