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ComicBookMovie posted that Ewan McGregor was asked if he would reprise the role of Obi-Wan in Star Wars: Episode VII, to which he said ‘if I’m needed’.

Ewan, you are needed. You were one of the best things about the prequels… even if you couldn’t look Jar Jar in the eye. Your storyline in Clones was the only salvageable part of that film. Granted, you tanked at the end of Revenge but that was mostly the script’s fault, not yours.

You’d only have a small role, cameo as a Force Ghost like Guinness did in the original trilogy, but that’s okay. Five minutes of you on screen in old-man makeup talking to an old Luke Skywalker… or maybe one of the younger Jedi, giving them a ‘yeah, been there, done that, chopped someone’s legs off’ speech would be a nice hallmark moment.

I wish McGregor as Kenobi was in Star Wars Episode VII.

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