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Omar SyBryan Singer announced on twitter that Omar Sy from The Intouchables has been added to the Days of Future Past cast.

Of course, he doesn’t say who Omar will be playing and all the media sites I’ve been to aren’t hazarding a guess (probably because of getting Peter Dinklage all wrong before).

I’m going to go ahead and throw out there my thoughts… and that’s that Omar will be playing non other than Bishop. And I have other reasons to believe this than simply the fact that he looks like Bishop only (thankfully) without the mullet.

While Bishop didn’t have anything to do with the Days of Future Past comic, the adaptation of the story line into the 90s X-Men: The Animated Series had Bishop as the time traveler instead of Kitty Pryde (and it wasn’t ‘mind travel’ but full body travel). Bishop has also been a fairly popular character in the past, not big enough to lead his own film, but a perfect addition to a movie based around the idea of time traveling.

If Omar is indeed Bishop, then I’ll have to start rethinking if Wolvie will be the time traveler as it could easily (and more likely) be Bishop… or maybe there is going to be more than one time traveler?

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