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X-Men #1 - Skottie Young variantI’m annoyed, my retailer didn’t have the Skottie Young variant… I always buy the Skottie Young variant!

Anyway, as for the comic itself, it’s… interesting.

Instead of layering the reader with a lot of backstory, we get two pages of light poetic exposition then we’re dumped ‘in media res’. Jubilee is heading ‘home’ with a baby she ‘adopted’ but is being followed so she calls her X-Men friends to lend a hand. John Sublime shows up at the school just in time to warn everyone about five minutes too late that he has a psychotic sister who is apparently much worse than he is.

I kinda can’t help being a little disappointed that the all-female X-Men team is going to be fighting a female for their first enemy. It seems to be a trend lately that in female team books they have to go after a female villain. Such as Le Fey and the Doomaidens in Fearless Defenders. I don’t read any of the current female solo books so I don’t know if they have the same issue so it could just be the team books. In any case, I would have much rather seen the gang fight Sublime himself than creating a ‘sister’, basically the equivalent of a “Lady Sublime”, instead.

That being said, the writing is very well done. Often writers, when trying to make strong female characters or a female team, go too much out of their way to say ‘this is a strong character/team’ instead of just letting them exist organically. With the exception of Jubilee who has perfect characterization to be where she is with adopting the orphan, all the other women are were they are simply because they are. No muss and no fuss about it.

Characterizations are quiet good as well, no one is acting out of character or even worthy of a raised brow moment. I was worried that Wood might put Rogue in line with how Remender is writing her but thankfully Wood has Rogue as sassy (note: not bitchy) as always. Though the train part I didn’t quite understand, I mean, if she trashed the first three sections wouldn’t the back half still keep going towards the other train? Did she move the sections with the people off the track? I have no idea but apparently the day was saved so I’ll go with that.

This title has a lot of expectations on it being that it’s from Wood, an all female cast, and has some heavy hitters in it who carry a large fanbase. It was a good, solid opening act… we’ll see where it leads from here.

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Brian Singer posted a little video on his twitter account and it shows the cast chairs, only they are listed by mutant instead of actor. His comment is : “Every mutant needs a place to sit”


They are as follows:

  • Logan
  • Xavier
  • Magneto
  • Storm
  • Bishop
  • Kitty Pride
  • Bobby “Iceman” Drake
  • Peter “Colossus” Rasputin
  • Blink
  • James “Warpath” Proudstar

What do we learn from this?

1) BISHOP!! Since Omar Sy was listed among the cast I knew he had to be playing Bishop. It only made sense considering the storylines that was being used. With him being confirmed in the cast I really want to say that Bishop is the time traveller, but it’s possible that there could be two travellers, Logan and Bishop.

2) Warpath. This character was created by Chris Claremont but never had any connection to the DOFP storyline or Apocalypse (like Blink has a tentative connection). My guess is this is who Booboo Stewart is going to be playing and I don’t think it will be that big of a role in the scheme of things.

3) Rogue. Where is Rogue? Seriously… ROGUE?!?!!? He does say “Every mutant” and every character on that list is known for sure to still hold Mutant status at the end of X3 (Mag’s cure wore off) so does this mean that Rogue’s cure didn’t wear off? Or is this a case of Bryan trolling us?

4) Mystique. Right now they seem to be filming all the future stuff by the other screen shots he’s given us so is Mystique also still cured in the future? Or is she simply not around? Unlike Rogue who can only exist in the future part of the movie, Mystique could be dead/gone in the future and it be okay because we still have her for the ‘present time’.

5) Order. Again, Logan is put before Magneto and Xavier just like on the casting board which just feeds my thought that he’s the time traveller (or one of them now that Bishop is confirmed). But everyone else is a bit out of order from that casting board except Colossus, Blink and Warpath are still at the end. The rest in the middle are a bit jumbled up. Was there purpose to this order just how the chairs got lined up? I’m inclined to think that he put at least a little thought into this.

6) Name game. Why does some of these guys go just by their Mutant name (Storm), some just by their Human name (Logan) and others by both (Bobby “Iceman” Drake)? Is this some way of separating the future and past selves between the actors or are Stewart and McAvoy going to be sharing seats since they won’t film at the same time? Or is it just how the seats got printed up?

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Hyperion's Rogue TouchAccording to CBR and an official press release, Marvel and Hyperion Books will be publishing two novels. One about She-Hulk, the other about Rogue.

“both novels showcase strong, smart heroines seeking happiness and love while battling cosmic evil.”

And while that is all said and good because you can never have to much Rogue imho, take a look at this blurb for Rogue Touch.

The second novel, Rogue Touch, features one of the most popular X-Men characters, Rogue, a young woman trying to navigate the challenges of everyday life and romance—except that her touch is deadly.  After accidentally putting her first boyfriend in a coma, she runs away from home where, she meets the handsome and otherworldly James and sparks fly. Like Rogue, however, James’ life is hardly simple. To elude his mysterious and dangerous family, James shaves his head, dons all black. Stealing a car, they head out on the highway and eventually, Rogue has to decide whether she will unleash her devastating powers in order to save the only man alive who seems to truly understand her.


A) I know the idea of her putting Cody into a coma and running away is canon, but this blurb reads way to much like the start of many of Fan Fictions, like here and here, oh and this little naughty fan fic.

B) Check out this quote from Uncanny X-Men #337:

Gambit: So why’s everybody callin’ him “Joseph”? What is dat all about? … Maybe I should just start callin’ myself somethin’ different. James. “Gambit”? No, I’m James.

Need I say more?

UPDATE: This has come to my attention:

C) James… James Howlett? I doubt this is the same person from the book but considering his role in her life in the movie-verse it is worth mentioning.

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Rogue Rules the News

As I was going through my usual news outlets, I noticed a trend with the news that Paquin, Page and Ashmore will be returning for Days of Future Past. The trend being that Paquin and/or Rogue are pretty much always given top/first billing and is never the one to be dropped out.

Is this because Paquin is the bigger name? I wouldn’t think so, while Paquin has a popular tv show, Page has been busy and in the recent blockbuster Inception and Ashmore just got back into the news with his new tv show.

Could it be because Rogue had a bigger role in the original movies? Possibly, but then Kitty is at the heart of the original Days of Future Past story.

Could it simply be because Singer chose to write her name first, which could work as an excuse but people choose how they want to report the news and what pictures to use.

Or maybe Rogue is just that much cooler than Shadowcat and Iceman?

Take a look below and decide for yourself.


Paquin is given first billing and Rogue is the only image shown.

Paquin is given first billing and Rogue is the only image shown.


Page and Ashmore aren't even in the lead line, added like an afterthought!

Page and Ashmore aren’t even in the lead line, added like an afterthought!


No top billing but Rogue's is the only image.

No top billing but Rogue’s is the only image.


Paquin is first billing and they didn't even bother with a 'Rogue' image instead going for the actress herself.

Paquin is first billing and they didn’t even bother with a ‘Rogue’ image instead going for the actress herself. & SuperHeroHype

Paquin is top billing and first photo.

Paquin is top billing and first photo.


Paquin is given top billing and Kitty is left out.

Paquin is given top billing and Kitty is left out.

Entertainment Weekly

Kitty is again left out for Rogue and Iceman.

Kitty is again left out for Rogue and Iceman.

Yahoo! Movies

More Rogue/Iceman scenes, ugh, where's Gambit when you need him!

Paquin top billing and more Rogue/Iceman scenes, ugh, where’s Gambit when you need him!


Iceman is dropped out for Rogue and Kitty.

Iceman is dropped out for Rogue and Kitty this time.

ComicBookMovie actually shares the lime light a little.

Iceman gets top billing on the title but Rogue is the first mentioned everywhere else in the article, plus she has the most decent picture.

Iceman gets top billing on the title but Rogue is the first mentioned everywhere else in the article, plus she has the most decent picture. Seriously Kitty, that hair!

BleedingCool seems to be the only one to focus on Kitty due to her role in DOFP, but even then, they are lumping all of the casting news together.

The only picture of the three is way down in the article and same one used by Empire.

The only picture of the three is way down in the article and same one used by Empire.

Now, these are only 11 out of the thousands of websites out there that cater to movie and comic book news, but these are some of the biggest sites, three of which have their own printed magazines. I think that’s a pretty good indication of Rogue’s and/or Paquin’s popularity.

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Anna Paquin as Rogue

Anna Paquin as Rogue

Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer has tweeted that Paquin, Page and Ashmore will be reprising their rolls as Rogue, Shadowcat, and Iceman in the upcoming film. This is in addition to previous news that Stewart, McKellen and Jackman will be reprising their roles as well.

Odds are, these are only going to be cameo performances. I say this because they are kinda bunched together here. Then there is the fact Paquin and Ashmore have their own tv shows to work on, True Blood and The Following. Granted, that hasn’t stopped some actors from making movies but could cause scheduling issues. Paquin also just had twins which might affect how much time she wants to spend off somewhere filming.

Also, Singer went after Stewart, McKellen and Jackman first which denotes that they likely have larger, more important, roles which needed to be locked down. This goes into my theory that Wolverine will be the one doing the time traveling rather than Shadowcat because she’s much to young in the original movies to be able to go back to the 60s/70s.

Odds are, these three will be shown standing around providing exposition right before the fateful trip. There is also the possibility of a little action, maybe they’re protecting against Sentinels and what not while Xavier sends whoever back in time, but again depends on what these guys signed up for.

Some pointed out that Bryan said “thank you @BrettRatner for letting them live!” which means we’ll see no Cyclops (who was treated poorly in the movies) or Jean Grey or anyone else who died. Well, Xavier kinda died and he’s back. Jean Grey does nothing but die and come back. Also, wouldn’t that be a great way to show that the world has indeed been changed by whatever happens in DOFP? With Cyclops being alive?

In the end, I did not like what they did with Rogue in X3, she wasn’t any more Rogue than Ryan Reynolds was Deadpool at the end of X:O:W. As long as DOFP gives us that glimmer that everything has been changed, that X1-3 are now ‘alt-universe’ movies, then I’ll be happy.

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Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

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Review: A+X #2

A+X #2

A+X #2

Review: A+X #2

A+X is the opposite of AvX, Avengers and X-Men team up rather than fight each other. Like AvX it’s less about actual plot and more about kicking butt for any reason they can muster.

In issue 2, Rogue and Black Widow team up to take on a Sentinel which has gone crazy. Apparently BW has a car fetish, who knew? But the fun part is when BW chooses to transfer her powers to Rogue via full on lip-lock kiss. Now, I don’t know a lot about BW unfortunately to know how in character this is, but Rogue reacted about as I expected, in that she was surprised but ultimately replied with “Oh. Good Kisser. Spy Secrets. Wow.”

Between this and her ‘Kinky Bondage Drinking Games’ with Gambit in Uncanny Avengers and score a few for Rogue.

As for the second team up of Kitty Pryde and Iron Man… I don’t normally comment on artwork because for the most part I’m not that big of a stickler but this one was a little odd. The way that fingers were made into sharp disjointed claws and everyone was so gangly… it was weird. Thankfully it had some pretty fun dialogue to make up for it.

Gambit is in the next issue, paired up with Hawkeye! I don’t foresee a lot of kissing there…

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Uncanny Avengers #1

Uncanny Avengers #1

Review: Uncanny Avengers #1

Normally I don’t read Avengers titles (I’ve got enough on my plate trying to keep up with the X-Men) but Uncanny Avengers has Rogue and that’s all I needed to hear.

Overall, a great start to the series. We got a download on where everyone is while still leaving enough open to make things interesting. All the interactions were good. Rogue and Wanda was good, I would expect Rogue to be a little more understanding though, but it was the day of the funeral and emotions do run a bit higher.

Love Wanda’s new outfit, but mostly because I have PM’s which date to before we got any of the concept art for Uncanny Avengers which have me putting Wanda into a red leather jacket when she appears later in season one. I came up with the idea quite some time ago but I can only date it to that PM, what can I say, the idea just fits her, you know?

Not sure what’s going on with Red Skull, that ending was a bit out of left field and I’m kinda miffed at what happened to Avalanche… but like I said, nice solid opening. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

And yes, I did buy the Babies variant… might get the Deadpool one if I can manage it.

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X-Men Legacy #274

X-Men Legacy #274

X-Men Legacy #274

The moment that every ROMY has been waiting for has finally arrived. Marvel teased us about Mag’s ‘big question’ for Rogue and while I was sure it wasn’t going to be a marriage proposal, I prepared myself for the worst. So while I’m glad that it turned out he only wanted them to get back together and in a roundabout way ‘move in together’, I’m kinda annoyed at Rogue’s response.

Basically, she gives him the same brush off as she gave Gambit.

X-Men # 224
Rogue: But Remy– Ah’m not ready yet to talk about us. Ah don’t know how Ah feel right now. About you, or about me, even.

Annoying for ROMY fans but okay, fair enough, she just learned how to control her powers, this isn’t some forced surpression or random event. She needs time to process this.

Of course in that process she decides she wants to hook up with Magneto.

X-Men # 274
Rogue: Ah know mahself. Ah know as long as Ah’m with someone like you–who takes the lead instinctively, who likes it… who Ah care for… Ah’ll let ’em. […] Ah think Ah figured things out. But ah ain’t gonna know for sure until Ah’ve stood on mah own two feet for a while.

Again she’s telling her boyfriend that she needs to process her life and figure things out. I suppose in many ways this is a very realistic take on a Rogue’s personality. We all know a person like this who can’t committ to relationships, etc, because they really have no idea how to and/or are secrectly afraid. Considering Rogue’s mutation and background, the girl kinda missed that phase in our lives (usually around highschool) where we go through all this and is a majorly late bloomer in this respect.

So while kudos for a realistic approach to the situation and providing actual character growth opportunities… bollocks I say and major /headdesk

I swear… Rogue/Gambit is as bad as Ross/Rachel… but we love it so…

Oh, p.s., I do kinda feel a little bad for Mags in this, but he’s also still a bit of an arrogant prick so…

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X-Men Legacy #273

X-Men Legacy #273

X-Men Legacy #273

Rogue is still stuck on another world in another dimension thanks to Phoenix!Illana. She’s just kicking around, helping them solve a global crisis of mass slaughter with nothing but a lot of exposition. Seriously, there isn’t much to write about this comic except for the fact that it could be the author’s attempt at a discourse on the state of our global ecology… or just a tired old trope. Honestly, can’t tell.

There are only two good things about this issue, one is a wonderful reference to Kurt, the second is the tease that in the next issue we get to wonder just how badly Romy is going to be damaged (though I’m hoping we’ll get some good news).

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