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Getting some closer looks at Trask Industries and the Sentinels. With the movie a little less than a year away I imagine we’ll get a lot of viral stuff, but it’s surprising we’re getting such a clear look at the Sentinels already. Makes me wonder what they are holding back…

Some images courtesy of CinemaBlend:

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We have yet another reveal via twitter from Bryan Singer regarding Days of Future Past.

An extra munches at the Craft Services table in Trask Industries coveralls. This absolutely confirms that Trask will be a thing in DOFP, so likely Bolivar Trask himself will make an appearance, if not be the major villain.  Unless of course this is just a ‘fan service insert’ used to throw us off track. Somehow I doubt that as Trask and the Sentinel program are two major of players in the X-Men mythos, not to mention the comic arc which this is based on, that it wouldn’t make sense for them not to be in the films.

Speculation has run that Peter Dinkledge will be playing Bolivar Trask and this certainly helps that assessment. We’ve yet to see Peter on set to see what kind of costume or wardrobe he is wearing.

I want to also note the color of the company logo. Purple… just like the Sentinels. And doesn’t it kinda look like a robot face? Looks like big purple robots are in our future…

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