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Fearless Defenders #9This is the issue that you think you’re supposed to love but really it needs a swift kick upside the head.

I had fair warning not to take the characterizations of certain characters as being typical of said characters, but I honestly didn’t think it would be all that bad. Surely it was just an exaggeration by over protective fans? Yeah… no…

The more and more I think of this issue, the more I realize it’s fallen into a very typical failure of both pro and fan fiction where the female counter parts are reduced to nagging, petty, oblivious characters who are only there to further the plot and show how awesome the guys are… only it’s gender swapped… which I guess they thought gender swapping was a brilliant concept, but not when it’s done with completely flawed trope which should never be used regardless the age/sex/gender/race of characters involved. Purposely dragging other characters down just to make your character look good does a complete disservice to all the characters involved, and it’s just plain grating to read.

Venom is moping about his sex life because banging a goddess isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, pity. Nate and Sam are unsure who’s actually dating Dani because each had ‘a thing’ with her which apparently means she’s obligated to be dating them, obviously. The werewolf is feeling left out because his girlfriend, who is a hunter by trade, found something to hunt, go figure. Strange is apparently completely clueless despite being, well, Stephen ‘Ph.D in Badassery’ Strange. Like he really couldn’t have put two and two together? Really?  Then there is Herc who I’m pretty sure is just drunk, so really nothing different there, but apparently women who don’t want to be with him give him a happy, which, when you think about it, is pretty messed up (though about right for classical mythology).  Iron Fist kinda comes out okay, though he should really know better than to worry about ‘undue influence’ on Misty, no one gets that girl to do anything she don’t wanna.

These characters have been reduced to the horrible nagging characters that we so often complain that female characters get reduced it. It doesn’t make it okay because they are male and ‘it’s all fair’ because it should simply never be done to any character. If these characters want to be worried about people they love, then great, all for that, but to sit them around like a bad episode of Sex and the City with extremely empty motivations of relationship woes and ‘can they really handle the role of Defender’? … You know that moment in Emperor’s New Groove where Chicha gets so frustrated she makes some unladylike noises and then has to go clean something? Yeah… that’s me. (I really need that in a gif…)

I know Bunn is capable of much more simply from reading issues 1-8, so I’m really hopping this was just a one-off moment… really hoping…

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Review: Morbius #9

Morbius #9Apparently this title was cancelled and I didn’t even notice, not that it surprises me.

It really did start out fantastic, I mean, the first issue just captured my attention like a #1 should. It was different, it was stylish… but a few issues later it just fell apart. Add the fact that Morbius is a lesser known character and it struggled to find an audience. It’s just a real shame, I really would have liked to have seen what Keatinge could have done with Morbius if he had been able to keep going in the direction it started in rather than turn into whatever that last part was.

The ending itself is kinda meh, an obvious rush job with Rose being taken out and apparently the whole thing was about manipulating the housing market, which, okay, that’s an interesting twist considering the current economic climate, but seriously? They did all that manipulation, spent all that money, just to gain building contacts and raise property values? That’s what you call taking the scenic route.

At least this title’s ending is somewhat poetic, going peacefully into the night, something I think Morbius himself would appreciate.

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Review: Deadpool #15

Deadpool #15If this issue doesn’t make you feel for Deadpool, then I’m not sure what will.

I mean, the feels that they give Deadpool in this are both blunt and subtle at the same time. It kinda takes a note from Whedon as it would be serious and then tell a joke. But really, how can you not feel those underlying feels of Captain American telling Deadpool he doesn’t have to be alone. Of Wolverine telling Deadpool off for letting himself be in the position he’s in, but then still coming to help him because, damn it, they are friends in some weird messed up ‘we’re both the product of what created us’ kind of way.

And Deadpool himself, just… the way he lives his life, you always knew it was kinda crappy, especially since Blind Al went out of his life, but here it’s given the darkest treatment. This is what they have been hinting at in this series and finally given us.

For everyone who thinks Deadpool is just a joke… shut up.

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Free Loki Petition

Petition to Marvel Studios to produce a film based on the character Loki, portrayed by Tom Hiddleston

The character Loki, as portrayed by Tom Hiddleston in the films “Thor,” “Thor 2,” and “The Avengers” (2012), has become one of the most recognizable and cherished film characters in recent years. Hence, we respectfully yet strongly request Marvel put into action a full-length feature film production based on the Marvel character Loki portrayed by Tom Hiddleston.

The petition is trying to get 30k signatures… which isn’t a lot in movie terms. With an average movie ticket price of $8.38 US, that’s only $251,000 which isn’t even close to the $150m budget of Thor. However, it’s nothing to simply ignore either.

There is always that question: If this many people signed the petition, then how many either didn’t know it existed or don’t sign petitions regardless? Considering that Loki was introduced to the whole MCU fandom through the Avengers movie (which included people who didn’t bother watching the first Thor film), how Loki rocked at ComiCon and exploded the internet, I think it’s safe to assume that it’s likely the number is higher for those who didn’t sign than those who did.

If we look at other petitions, the petition to get Cyclops back for the X-Men movies tapered out at just over 200. Granted, his character hasn’t been around the movies since 2006 but with the character’s current central role in the comics, Singer ‘putting the band back together’, and the internet’s constant complaints about his ‘worse death ever‘, you would think that he wouldn’t be too far behind Loki, but instead it’s like he’s not even in the race.

So, it’s not hard to believe that Loki wouldn’t do at least as well as a Thor movie… in the current atmosphere. We still have Dark World coming out in November and we don’t know what state Loki will be left in. Will he be redeemed? Will he be same ol’ Loki? Will he be dead (not likely)?

Then you have the biggest issue to contend with: If they make a movie for Loki, will it be ‘evil Loki’ or a ‘redemption Loki’? Some fans love that he’s the villain and want to keep him that way. Some think he’s tragically misunderstood and just needs a hug. Since this is Disney and they love their heroes and happy endings (not that I blame them, I like those too) they will probably go with the redemption arc story.

I think that before Marvel!Disney makes any decisions, they will see how Dark World plays out and how fans react to whatever they do with Loki in it.

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Uncanny X-Men #12Um, does Bendis even read his own comics?

Seriously, in the first few pages he has Hill just finding out about this time travel stuff and not wanting the Avengers to find out, when they already know and apparently didn’t report it and also the time travel stuff is WAY overdue to be discovered. But even moreso, the interaction between the Cuckoo’s and Jean… they already had their show down before and now it’s like that never happened? I was kinda confused…

And the rest of the issue was just a lot complaining about whether or not the kids should go back or if they should make their own choices. I can understand Rachel being pro-let them do what they want since she did the same thing, but Kitty, dunno. I guess I can see it but at the same time it’s a little forced. Dunno. She’s right though, the future people need to give them more info than just ‘trust us’ cause, well, it’s always a two way street.

I like Emma and Magneto calling it as they see it with Scott thinking with his ‘other brain’ regarding the kids. I don’t know if that’s strictly speaking true. Scott’s reasoning for a lot of things hasn’t been standardized, whether he blames himself, or Phoenix, or a bit of both, for everything that’s happened and he’s done… so he could really have a pro-individual choice mantra going on in his ‘upper brain’.

But the question no one seems to be asking, is this: If the kids stay, then they will never have done anything that they have done, which means that their older versions should vanish and the world drastically change, for either good or bad. So if that hasn’t happened… then that means they do go home? Seriously guys, this is Time Travel 101…

p.s. that ending was total fan service but at least they recognized it as such

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Astonishing X-Men #67That moment when the comic book writer uses fan fiction to get the comic back to its roots of being an analogue for the human struggle…

Seriously, when I first started reading the panels I was thinking “am I reading a fan fiction?” and it turns out, I was. It was a self-insert fan fiction of real celebrities, well, real seeing as it’s from the perspective of a character in the same universe. Liu has always had a way of looking at the reality of the situation, and she does it again by pointing out that in a world full of mutants and superheroes, there are going to be bloggers, tumblrs, and all sorts of individuals expressing a desire to be part of that world.

And that’s exactly what happens. The girl who feels all alone dreams of being swept up into something amazing, and it actually happens. Not only that, but she saves the day because she has such trust and belief that the aliens are ‘oh, okay, these guys are cool, our bad’. So yeah, it’s a comic about a girl’s fan fiction coming true.

But the big message here is about ‘not being alone’. It’s telling the reader that they are an ‘x-man’ just as Wendy is, and they are never alone because, well, they aren’t. They’ll always have the X-Men or whatever character they relate to the most with them. With is made all the more poignant by this title ending next issue.

Damn I’m going to miss this title so much…

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Review: X-Men Legacy #16

X-Men Legacy #16As cool as it is to see David using all  his powers like a powerhouse, he does seem like a bratty kid.

Yes, you dad was sorta/kinda murdered. Yes, you didn’t care about him while he was alive all that much. Yes, now you realize that you miss him. But really?

The entire set up of the previous issue with his mother getting killed was pretty much just an excuse to get David to go after Scott because otherwise he wouldn’t. That’s really all this is. Marvel wanted to see David square off against Scott and so they ‘made it happen’. This really does cheapen the whole thing.

At least Spurrier seems to recognize what he’s doing on some level, commenting about how David is even using Ruth, ‘weaponizing her’, to get what he wants. Maybe Spurrier will pull this one out of the hat in the next issue.

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The first episode which is also the pilot episode, of my X-Men: The (fan fic) Series is on the air!

1X00 – The X-Men (Pilot)
Air Date: 9/20/2013
A series of attacks by an elite team of Magneto’s Acolytes leads Xavier to question his non-combative stance in the ever-growing secret war between humans and mutants.
Rated: TV-PG

If you’re already read the preview (which is the teaser) then you can skip to the first act here.


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Deadpool Kills Deadpool #3This issue makes me a very sad Pandapool.

It’s not that it’s horribly written or drawn, it’s quite average if anything. It’s almost a filler issue, just one long fight with a little plot development. But that would be okay if THAT didn’t happen.

Lady Deadpool get’s offed. Sure, hers is a noble sacrifice, but do I give a crap? Nope. Cause first Dogpool, then Kidpool… nope nope nope…

A very sad Pandapool indeed.

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Agent Cartervia Deadline

EXCLUSIVE:The “one shot” short films featured as extras on Marvel movies’ DVD releases are becoming a hotbed for TV series ideas. After one such short, Item 47 on The Avengers DVD about the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., led to the new ABC/Marvel series, another one may also spawn a series project for ABC. Marvel is notoriously secretive about their development, and no one would comment, but I hear the company is working on a concept for a potential TV series inspired by Agent Carter, a one shot, which will be featured on the upcoming Blu-ray release ofIron Man 3. Directed by Marvel Studios co-president Louis D’Esposito, Agent Carter brings back Captain America’s girlfriend Peggy Carter, played by Hayley Atwell, and chronicles her life as a budding secret agent after her boyfriend is stranded in ice. (Watch a clip below.) I hear the project is in very early stages, one of several in the works at Marvel, and is in the process of locking in a writer. It is unclear if Atwell would reprise her role if Agent Carter comes to fruition. A Marvel action series with a female lead would fit right into ABC’s wheelhouse of female-skewing dramas with a strong lead and would be a throwback to such network series as Alias. The Iron Man 3 DVD with the Agent Carter short will be released next Tuesday, the same day Marvel’s first series for ABC, Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., debuts.

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