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Deadpool Kills Deadpool #4This Deadpool series has been a bit like Chinese food… initially satisfying but after an hour or so you feel kinda empty.

There are some solid introspective moments that shows that Bunn understands that Deadpool is more than a cheap joke. Deadpool has deep seated psychological issues and it’s no wonder that he’s trying to kill himself across all the dimensions. But it’s also no wonder that he wants to live just as badly, that’s just how far that rabbit hole goes.

But much like the preceding mini’s, there is a lot of stuff jammed into a small space and even with the pages dedicated to nothing but carnage… I kinda have to wonder if truly needs a Parental Advisory, well, this is like PG-13 instead of R. Then with the ending so quickly falling into place with the ‘oh, it’s not over yet’ tag at the end and it really turns this into what it blatantly is: a money grab.

It’s still better put together than the Killustrated mini, but it’s likely something that’s going to be forgotten in years to come when it had the possibility of being so much more.

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Battle of the Atom #2So basically this whole crossover was just an excuse to get Kitty and the original five to go to Scott’s side, cause that’s all I got out of this final issue.

You get all this lead up, a big ass battle, then old!Jean goes and vaporizes herself and yay, story’s over, some people died, but all’s good, everyone is going back to their corners and don’t mind Kitty throwing a temper tantrum.

There is very little solid character development and the whole thing seems rushed even though they had  something like ten issues to work on this. Everything is literally thrown together with a bunch of cut/paste epilogues. You might want to blame the fact that with a cross over event you have several different writers and some the nuances can be lost. But in the end, this was one of the worst wastes of time in a long while. Even AvX had better characterizations and an better overall plot.

One good thing I can say about BotA #2 is there is one page that is pretty much solid. It’s the page where Jean bitching out Scott and Wolvie for basically being the reason why everything sucks right now. Because, yeah, their stories are at the center of why the X-Men Universe can’t have nice things. They are both jerks with unhealthy obsessions over a woman and who need to be slapped and forcibly retired imho. And the saddest part is that neither of them can see it.

And apparently neither can the writers.

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Marvel NOW WHAT!I do like it when a person or company can make fun of themselves… and that is exactly what Marvel Now What?! is all about.

I mean, this book really has everything.

They make fun of their own characters like having a story about how Captain America is not adjusting well to the modern world, and in turn take a jab at Catfishing (the internet kind, not to be confused with Noodling).

There is even a What If story that examines a popular fan-AU pairing: Thor and Storm. I’m pretty sure this is a direct response to DC putting together Wonder Woman and Superman in their reboot.

And, of course, it makes fun of its own policies, such as the endless crossovers and just throwing everything and the kitchen sink into the mix in hopes of boosting sales.

Could it have been even more satirical, certainly, there were some pulled punches, but overall, it was a rather fun read that just makes you chuckle and laugh, which considering that most of the Marvel writers don’t consider writing anything less than ‘let’s be as depressive and homicidal as possible’ as their main plot devices, makes this story is a nice change of pace.

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1X10 – Ghosts
Air Date: 12/14/2013
Kitty heads home for the holiday and dredges up too many memories while her friends back at the mansion are confronted by their own ghosts.
Rated TV-14 for Emotional Trauma

Sorry for the lateness of this episode, but as I said before, I decided to edit this one to make it better and I’m quite proud of it. I made myself cry more times than I’ll ever admit to and much comfort food was had.

Thanks again so much to geekgirl101 who is my Special Consultant on Jewish Matters and without whom I wouldn’t have had the confidence to write this episode to the effect that I did.

And also to chellerbelles who kept me sane during the times I became an emotional wreck. Bring your tissues people, this episode will hit you where it hurts!

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Sports ran long, tonight’s episode, 1X10 Ghosts has been preempted.

In truth, I decided to do some work on this episode to make it better, and I’m quite happy with how well it’s turning out. The problem is that I misjudged how much time I’d need and it’s not ready to post today.

Writing a television series has definitely been a learning process, but like all learning there is that oh so fun curve.

The episode will be ready tomorrow and of course post per usual on on Sunday. I apologize for the delay but trust me when I say that it’s worth it.

Thanks for sticking it out with me and being understanding of these occasional hiccups.

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Uncanny Avengers #13As much as I’m not caring for this title, deaf Captain America is pretty hilarious.

It’s also good to see that Wanda has a plan, I would have been seriously disappointed in Remender (moreso than usual) if he continued on and just had her mindlessly follow the twins. Of course, Wolverine doesn’t have nearly as much faith in her as we do because the second the twins told him Wanda had switched sides he’s all “well, guess gotta try to kill her, again”. Wait, maybe that isn’t actually out of character…

I also want to know what Wanda’s relationship is with Cap because there was something going on there not too long ago. Are they actually dating, did they agree not to be exclusive? What?.  Because now she’s taking Wonder Man to bed? I’m all for the girl enjoying herself with whatever guy she wants but if she’s in a relationship with Cap then why is she sleeping with the guy who has an insanely deep crush on her where she doesn’t return his feelings because she quote ‘thinks of him like a brother’? Awkward much?

And that’s just the tip of what bothers me about this issue, including the unfortunate characterization of Janet and the constant rambling of the writing.

But I really don’t care enough to care to complain anymore…

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Wolverine & the X-Men #37Wolverine is never having sex again? Yeah, like that’s ever gonna happen.

While I do continue to tire of the constant future stuff, especially how most of it will never come to past, I did love the scene between Quire and his future self. That was pretty perfect to be honest.

However, the characterization of several characters seems to have gotten out of whack through the whole Battle of the Atom arch. Specifically Kitty is all over the place, and was Maria always this bitchy? This is the second to last book in the arc and I feel like they are pushing everyone into the direction they want them to be at the end. From the spoilers I’ve gotten for post-BotA books, I don’t think I’m all that off in that assessment.

Basically, I can’t wait for this arc to be over and everything to get back to normal… or what passes for normal in the X-Men universe.

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.This is what you call a slow simmer to a boil. But I don’t think the stew is quite ready yet. Though I bet it’s going to taste fantastic.

Metaphor aside, I realize I haven’t reviewed “Repairs” yet which was Episode 9. That’s nothing against the episode, it was just the last week of NaNo and I was in crunch mode, big time. I’ll review it during the hiatus. At the moment I want to talk about the mid-season finale.

The point of the mid-season finale is to give us a reason to come back in one (two-ish) months. “The Bridge” certainly did that. Not only do we not know what happened to Mike, but Coulson has been captured… in possibly the worst S.H.I.E.L.D. op in history.

Seriously, I know that they had the whole “no police or the kid gets it” kind of set up but this is freaking S.H.I.E.L.D., the fact that they waited to put the comms on, the satellite wasn’t already tasked, that they didn’t do something other than just sit in the van with one, ONE, sniper trained on the bag guys, and no one made the Helicopter, you know, the thing that can be heard for (well, it’s over water, so humid, plus echoing off the bridge) half a mile?

It just… I just… what? I know they are supposed to be a super team… but what? Sorry AOS, but your logistics really failed me on this one.

As for your story telling… it was pretty bland. It was all set up to get you to the bridge and the capture of Coulson. Even with a fight scene in there, it was too early and too straight forward to be very exciting. Then you have Skye’s constant whine and whatever the hell is going on with May now. They pulled out the “you don’t need to protect me since we’re sleeping together” trope with May and Ward and they tried to be clever about it, only to fall flat.

Even the capture of Coulson seemed a little too neat, but I think that might be on purpose. Coulson is a clever man and Mike is trying to be a good man. I have a feeling some of that was staged (it would explain the lousy op). At least I hope it was otherwise the scene literally played way too connect the dots to actually be interesting.

It seems though that we’ll actually get to find out what is going on with Coulson in the second half of the season, so, yay! Unless they’re just trolling us… one can never be too sure.

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Review: A+X #13

A+X #13Our first team up is the unlikely duo of Cyclops and Captain America… and when I say unlikely, I mean they pretty much wreck the place because they can’t stop fighting for five seconds.

As much as this is probably true and there was that spark of a small moment where they actually worked together, the whole thing just felt like a big ol’ dose of trope thrown on top a three-trope layered dip. From the fighting to the convenient breaking of the Skrull reader… the whole thing was nearly painful to read. The only godsend was that Cap didn’t cuff himself to Scott cause then that would have just taken the cake.

Apparently this is going to play out over five more issues so… yeah… I hope this isn’t a sign of what’s to come.

In the second story, which was horribly drawn, it literally look like half-finished sketches, I felt that I’m supposed to jump up and yell ‘girl power!’

But again with the straight up been there, done that, story full of every trope they could find. It’s hard to think that there is anything ‘girl power’ about this when the writer obviously knows nothing about girls. Then he finishes the story on a very crude (and overused) joke.

I’m struck between wanting to be offended and not really caring enough to be offended.

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Uncanny X-Men #13Everyone gets impaled on a sword! You get impaled, and you get impaled, everyone, gets, impaled!

That’s pretty much the only thing I got from this issue. Everyone is fighting each other. A lot of people got stabbed. It’s pretty much the issue where most of the characters get offed so that there won’t be many loose threads to deal with at the end.

It’s also the issue that would make River Song scream. Seriously, the amount of ‘stops right before reveals something of the future’ and spoiler alerts is just bloody annoying, especially since, as I’ve said before, unless some of this stuff is to pay off nearly immediately, it will all be forgotten in a year. So why do this to us? It’s bloody pointless.

But there is the interesting point that the kids can’t go back it seems. Basically they mucked up the time stream royal. 

Why does this not surprise me?

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