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CinemaBlend – Cobie Smulders Could Return As Maria Hill In Joss Whedon’s S.H.I.E.L.D. – which makes sense seeing as she’d be much cheaper to get than Jackson or the actual Avengers.

ComicBookMovie – The 14th Annual Golden Tomato  Award Winners – Avengers got some top honors.

ComicBookMovie – Ten Actors Who Should Be Considered To Play THE FLASH – I like Hedlund or Cooper on this list.

ComicBookMoive – Jon Favreau On Not Directing  IRON MAN 3 – Episode VII: Abrams says snagging Star Wars is “an incredible thing;” Could release date get pushed back?

Entertainment Weekly – ‘Star Trek’ Meets ‘Star Wars’: Artists’ Renderings

''Star Wars on deck'' by Kevin Lingenfelser

”Star Wars on deck” by Kevin Lingenfelser

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Agent M Loves Tacos – I have a series of videos about my time sneaking around the set of Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D. show set.

CinemaBlend – Doctor Strange, Ant-Man Confirmed As Marvel Phase Three Films

ComicBookMovie – Rose Byrne Reveals Whether She  Has Been Asked To Return For X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST
“As it turns out, she’s yet another cast member from X-Men: First Class  who is waiting on a call from Fox. However, while it was a little surprising  that January Jones hasn’t heard anything, the story arc of Byrne’s character was  wrapped up pretty neatly after her mind was wiped by Charles Xavier at the close  of the movie.”

ComicBookMovie – Brian Bendis Comments On  Director James Gunn’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Rewrite
“I’m not allowed to say anything specific — it’s a great script. It really  turned out great. James Gunn did a really great job. I read the last draft — “Oh  please, don’t suck, because I’ve already invested part of my life into this — and I was like, “Oh, this is great! This is going to be a lot of fun!”

io9 – Loki’s alien army could have been a hell of a lot more metal in Avengers

Agent M Loves Tacos – Below is a picture he took of a S.H.I.E.L.D. desk… they are really going high-tech, aren’t they…

Agent M Loves Taco picture of S.H.I.E.L.D. tv series desk

Agent M Loves Taco picture of S.H.I.E.L.D. tv series desk

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Justice League Movie CastIt’s not been confirmed but the line up for the new Justice League movie Warners Bros has slated for a 2015 will be: Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and The Flash.

This seems likely as while there have been others in the Justice League at various times, these five are perhaps the most notable, which is a good thing seeing as there is no word yet if Henry Cavill and Ryan Reynolds will be reprising their roles as Superman and Green Lantern. We already know Christian Bale will not be reprising his role as Batman as the JL movie will be removed from Nolan’s Batman universe and Batman could be rebooted as early as 2017. So, assuming Cavill and Reynolds are back, then their movies would be the ‘set up’ or ‘phase one’ of the DC Film-Verse which would culminate in the Justice League movie, but three out of five major characters will not have an origin movie.

Good thing these characters are recognizable… but are they really anymore so than the Avengers cast before the ‘Phase One – Avengers Assembled’ films were released:

The Avengers poster by Mondo

The Avengers poster by Mondo

Batman and Superman are basically Iron Man. It could be argued that when Iron Man came out he wasn’t that recognizable beyond people knowing his name but the first movie catapulted his status to that of Bats and Supes. Phase One hadn’t really started yet so that movie counts. When Phase One really got going, you’d have to have been living under a rock not to have heard of Iron Man.

Wonder Woman is pretty much The Hulk. Both had wildly successful tv series, but ever since they’ve had issues with getting a decent movie off the ground and/or getting decent people to play them. They’re fairly recognizable characters though no one can name a single person in these character’s rogue’s gallery or their origin story beyond a few tidbits, unless they were already fans.

Green Lantern is Captain America. You can’t not have heard of these guys if you poked your nose anywhere around the comic-verse, but other than having one crappy movie (Captain America in 1990, Green Lantern in 2011) and being in other character’s animated shows, they haven’t gotten much love outside the comic-verse.

Flash, well, he really is Thor. They are two characters who people have heard of but get confused with other characters (mythology, Flash Gordan, Venom (true story!)). Also, they’re two characters who have had tv shows and movies no one remembers.

As for Black Widow and Hawkeye, they will be represented by whatever little-known-outside-the-comics characters end up getting picked for the supporting cast. They will then see skyrocketed comic book sales, their own solo titles, and possibly their own movie.

But again, only two of these characters (possibly one if they want to strike the tragedy that was Green Lantern off the record) will have introduction/origin movies. Will this help or hinder the effort?

Let’s look at the Phase One movies, here is a breakdown of how much money they made at the box office thanks to Box Office Mojo:

2008Iron Man – 318mil domestic – 585mil total (for comparison)
2008Incredible Hulk – 135mil domestic – 263mil total
2010Iron Man 2 – 312mil domestic – 624 total
2011Captain America – 177mil domestic – 367mil total
2011Thor – 181mil domestic – 449mil total

2012Avengers – 623mil domestic – 1.5billion total

Not only did the individual origin movies not come anywhere near Iron Man (save maybe Thor’s total take), even Iron Man fell into the shadow of the Avengers film itself.

Why is this so? Was Avengers just that much better than all the other movies?

While it was quality, you also have to take into account that Avengers pulled together fans of every single one of those characters. Those who watched Iron Man may not have cared to see Thor. Those who watched Captain American possibly didn’t care about The Incredible Hulk.

So the question now becomes… how are the sequels going to do? How many people who didn’t care about Thor and Loki went out and watched Thor after they watched Avengers? How many of those will be going to see Thor: The Dark World when it comes out? We won’t really know for sure until we see the numbers.

Superman's_Profile_picture by ~Agustinus

Superman’s_Profile_picture by ~Agustinus

How does this affect the Justice League movie?

Avengers may have needed to let you get to know the other characters because it couldn’t rely on the draw of Iron Man and comic readers alone, but Batman and Superman are guaranteed to be a big draw. Not only do they have masses of individual fans (which goes well beyond the comics) who want to see them, but they want to see them interact. No matter the quality of the movie, we can expect to see very large numbers out in mass for opening weekend.

But what if the Justice League movie is terrible?

Then back to the drawing board with no money lost on origin films that went nowhere, but also, like Green Lantern, it might be years before they touch on the character ever again. Though they could go the route of making tv shows like Arrow and Amazon which is in pre-pre-production. They have a lot of options, only a few we’d actually like to see.

But what if the movie is actually really good?

Those who went to go see Bats and Supes are introduced to three other characters that, if they are done right, will basically have the ‘Hawkeye effect’ and people will want to see them in their own movie. This means when WB sinks money into a WW movie with the same actress, in the same universe, then they are guaranteed better returns than if they tried to go solo before Justice League, an idea that they had but seems to have been dropped.

The only issue would be that they couldn’t do prequel movies because that would be annoying, but it would be easy enough to put their origins in there as either a quick 15 minutes at the beginning or parceled throughout the film (as long as it’s done right).

So, is it a smart move by Warner Brothers to work backwards?

They’ve already been accused of trying to ride on the back of the Avengers box office smash… but then Batman and Superman are literally much bigger characters in their own right and could carry a team-up movie with so much ease it should be criminal. The fact they haven’t done it before now should be punished as a capital offence. Maybe it took a kick in the pants for them to get around to it but it was a long time coming.

As for GL, WW, and Flash… I think the fact that Green Lantern made 116mil domestic, half of that on opening weekend before the news came down of its quality, proves that the audience is there for these movies, maybe not 300mil domestic like Iron Man right now, but they are there. But really, as long as they start putting out good films, they will be able to hold against Disney/Marvel, if not surpass them… but with a rash of really bad superhero movies in Green Lantern and Superman Returns, and the retirement of the Nolan-verse Batman movies, they need a shining beacon of ‘yes, yes we can make good movies!’.

Man of Steel logoWe do have Man of Steel coming up later this year, but will that be enough? We were already let down by a Superman movie and so wary eyes are on this film. If it’s a great film then it will definitely help the cause, if it terrible then at least it could be kicked under the rug.

In the end, the Justice League movie is the crux of the entire DC film franchise. Supes and Bats will always have their place on screen but if Justice League fails then it will take everything else down with it. If it succeeds then it is a literal blank check for Warner Bros to bring all our favorite DC characters to life.

So yes, this really is the best move by Warner Bros. Marvel’s Avengers had a fairly blank slate to start with while Justice League has a lot of recent history with most of the characters, either through failed movies or the failure to make a movie. They need a reset button, they need a point to start, and this is it.

Granted, the reset button does look an awful lot like the self destruct button… but that can be entertaining in its own right.

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CinemaBlend – Jim Carrey And Adam Sandler Reportedly Eyed For Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy – possible voice roles?

ComicBookMovie – Kevin Feige Discusses Happy  Hogan’s Key Role In IRON MAN 3 – Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D. Begins Filming, Launches Social Media Accounts

SuperHeroHype – Deadshot Will Return on Arrow! – but… he died? he had an arrow… to the face!

ComicBookMovie – ARROW Enlists DOCTOR WHO Actress  To Portray Dinah Lance – I wonder if she’ll have any scenes with John Barrowman? Not likely due to the characters they play.

BleedingCool – What Man Of Steel Did To Earn Its PG-13

i09 – 10 Best Gonzo Science Fiction Movies in the Whole Crazy Universe – So, I have half of these movies memorized… what does that say about me?

ComicBookMovie – THE AVENGERS: Alternate Designs  For The Helicarrier & Iron Man Mark VII Armor

CinemaBlend – Princess Bride T-Shirt Terrifies Airline Passengers – when good pop culture doens’t happen to good people

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CinemaBlend – Joss Whedon’s S.H.I.E.L.D. Pilot Will Be Set After The Avengers
So begs the question… how is Coulson alive? Not that we’d argue with whatever excuse he comes up with.

ComicBookMovie – Joss Whedon Updates On THE  AVENGERS Sequel, S.H.I.E.L.D. And Oversight Of PHASE TWO

Newsarama – Court Rules In Favor of WB in SUPERMAN Case, WB Responds

ComicBookMovie – ARROW To Explore The Dark Archer’s Origins
Which I think counts as the first time any other character than the Queen’s get any kind of real back story other than a few throwaway lines.

BleedingCool – Star Wars Live Action TV Series May Be Headed To ABC, Fresh Details Arrive
As the article points out… if S.H.I.E.L.D. works out then doing Star Wars would be a no-brainer to ABC.


ComicBookMovie – GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY To Shoot  This Summer At Shepperton Studios

io9 – The Avengers FX reel will blow you away!

io9 – Eye-Popping New Concept Art from Avengers, Green Lantern and X-Men: First Class!

CinemaBlend – Iron Man 3, Man Of Steel And The Wolverine Deliver New Stills

Entertainment Weekly First Look

Entertainment Weekly First Look

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CinemaBlend – Captain America Sequel Definitely Won’t Include Hayley Atwell
which makes sense, even if they want to bring Peggy back as an old lady (though I think she’s passed on, not positive) then it would smarter and easier to bring in an older actress instead of Hayley in old age makeup

CinemaBlend – Joseph Gordon-Levitt Up For Guardians Of The Galaxy Lead Role
still a rumor but an interesting one…

ComicBookMovie – THE AVENGERS Voted Most  Overrated Movie Of 2012 In LA Times Poll

ComicBookMovie – STAR WARS Travel Posters Offer You The Chance To Visit Endor, Hoth And More see one below:

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CinemaBlend – 2012 Declared Biggest Box Office Year On Record
most of that is in part because of some big comic book movies

Collider – Check Out Andy Park’s Concept Art for THE AVENGERS

ComicBookMovie – TWILIGHT Voted The Worst Movie  Of All-Time; SPIDER-MAN 3 And CATWOMAN Not Far Behind

ComicBookMovie – Joss Whedon talks TV and Movies and RDJ talks Iron Man 3.

And this from Marvel:

Happy Holidays from Tony Stark

Happy Holidays from Tony Stark

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Slow news day…

CinemaBlend – Will Loki be back for Avengers 2? Probably not, which is cool, he’s a great character but A2 needs to step it up. At least this means he’s not dead at the end of Thor 2!

CinemaBlend – The Dark Knight Rises Trailer is most watched movie trailer YouTube video of 2012, Avengers doesn’t make Top Ten
How does that happen?!

ComicBookMovie – Behind-The-Scenes Deadpool/Weapon XI Make-Up FX For X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE

ComicBookMovie – Star Wars Comics go back to Marvel – yeah, no one saw this one coming… at all…

and this, from Marvel…

Iron Man 3 promo photo from Marvel

Iron Man 3 promo photo from Marvel

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ComicBookMovie: Chloe Bennet Rounds Out Marvel’s  S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Cast
And so it’s official, the tv series will be about beautiful young adults who are hopefully over their head because if they are already ‘the best and brightest’ then I call cliche…

CinemaBlend: The Wolverine Had Only One Mutant in Early Drafts

ComicBookMovie: Make-Up Designs For The Blob From X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE (Video)

CinemaBlend: The Avengers Almost Had Wasp Instead of Black Widow, Joss Whedon Wanted a Second Villian.

BleedingCool: New Twilight Zone TV Series In The Works, Bryan Singer Attached


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Is this is not the cutest thing ever?

A-Babies do Shawarma!

A-Babies do Shawarma!

This was stolen off the internet, I don’t know if this is a Skottie Young or a really, really good fan made homage to his work and the end scene of Avengers.

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