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CinemaBlend – The Wolverine: James Mangold Talks Berserker Rage And Japanese Influence &
ComicBookMovie – More From James Mangold On THE  WOLVERINE 
I’m continuing to have good feelings about this movie, though I’m not sure about the change in the haircut…

BleedingCool – Warners Want Australian Man Of Steel Fans To Commission Some Structural Architecture – I giggled… so hard…

CinemaBlend – Has The Justice League Lineup Been Revealed?

CinemaBlend – January Jones May Not Be Coming Back For X-Men: Days Of Future Past – and I’m okay with this!

BleedingCool – Rob Liefeld Writes Movie About His Career And Rise Of Image, Would Like Christian Bale To Play Todd McFarlane – I met Todd McFarlane years ago and, yeah, Bale would be a great fit, and not because he played Batman.

ComicBookMovie – FAN MADE: Watch The First 2  Episodes Of The DEADPOOL Web-Series – I wonder what Deadpool thinks of this… someone should ask him.

i09 – The 36 Greatest Supervillain Musical Numbers of All Time – warning, has videos embedded, slow load, and I know the words to about half of these songs…

ComicBookMovie – Storyboard Artist Jay Oliva Says  Get Ready For A Lot Of Action In MAN OF STEEL

BleedingCool – Diamond Announces Nominations For 2012 Gem Awards – no love for the X-Men here

BleedingCool – The Week In Kissing (SPOILERS)

Wolverine & the X-Men #24

Wolverine & the X-Men #24

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Slow news day?

ComicBookMovie – James McAvoy Talks X-MEN: DAYS  OF FUTURE PAST
apparently they will address Xavier’s hair (or lack thereof) in DOFP

ComicBookMovie – THE AVENGERS And TDKR Among The  Most Pirated Films Of 2012

ComicBookMovie – ILM Featurette On THE AVENGERS’  Epic New York Battle

ComicBookMovie – THE DARK KNIGHT RISES’ Concept  Art Featuring Batman’s High-Tech Knee Brace & EMP Gun

ComicBookMovie – Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool Make-Up Test For X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE

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CinemaBlend – 2012 Declared Biggest Box Office Year On Record
most of that is in part because of some big comic book movies

Collider – Check Out Andy Park’s Concept Art for THE AVENGERS

ComicBookMovie – TWILIGHT Voted The Worst Movie  Of All-Time; SPIDER-MAN 3 And CATWOMAN Not Far Behind

ComicBookMovie – Joss Whedon talks TV and Movies and RDJ talks Iron Man 3.

And this from Marvel:

Happy Holidays from Tony Stark

Happy Holidays from Tony Stark

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Hugh Jackman gave an interview to Parade magazine and, well, here you go:

Give us a little scoop on the film.
You want to get me into trouble, don’t you? [laughs] Okay, the movie takes place after X-Men: The Last Stand. My character is at his lowest. He is supposed to be able to heal himself, but he may encounter someone who has worked out a way to really hurt him. And there is a cameo from one of the past X-Men in it.

There is already a rumor running around that Famke Jansson who played Jean Grey flew to Australia to film a cameo, a rumor which hasn’t been debunked yet by any parties. Could this be misdirection? Could, but not sure how as Jean’s character would make the most sense in regards to how much of an impact it would make on both Wolvie and the storyline of the franchise.

Should be interesting…

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Slow news day…

CinemaBlend – Will Loki be back for Avengers 2? Probably not, which is cool, he’s a great character but A2 needs to step it up. At least this means he’s not dead at the end of Thor 2!

CinemaBlend – The Dark Knight Rises Trailer is most watched movie trailer YouTube video of 2012, Avengers doesn’t make Top Ten
How does that happen?!

ComicBookMovie – Behind-The-Scenes Deadpool/Weapon XI Make-Up FX For X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE

ComicBookMovie – Star Wars Comics go back to Marvel – yeah, no one saw this one coming… at all…

and this, from Marvel…

Iron Man 3 promo photo from Marvel

Iron Man 3 promo photo from Marvel

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ComicBookMovie: Chloe Bennet Rounds Out Marvel’s  S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Cast
And so it’s official, the tv series will be about beautiful young adults who are hopefully over their head because if they are already ‘the best and brightest’ then I call cliche…

CinemaBlend: The Wolverine Had Only One Mutant in Early Drafts

ComicBookMovie: Make-Up Designs For The Blob From X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE (Video)

CinemaBlend: The Avengers Almost Had Wasp Instead of Black Widow, Joss Whedon Wanted a Second Villian.

BleedingCool: New Twilight Zone TV Series In The Works, Bryan Singer Attached


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Mark Miller, the man in charge of Fox’s new X-Men movies, posted some stuff on his forum and ComicBookMovie broke it down… I’ve suddenly become very afraid and very confused….

1) He calls the The Wolverine amazing, akin to something David Lean would have made… David Lean, the man who gave us Lawrence of Arabia and Dr Zhivago… really? Miller is comparing a superhero movie with ninja’s to Lawrence of Arabia? … How?

2) First Class and Wolverine are ‘year one’ as far as he’s concerned… so why in the world is he letting Singer piecemeal and shoehorn Days of Future Past with the older movies? or is this truly going to be a reboot/retcon moment in DOFP?

3) He calls The Amazing Spider-Man a ‘misfire’, not bad, just a step backwards because it retold the origin again (which yeah, okay, they didn’t really need to retell the origin) but way to smack mouth Marvel Entertainment and Sony. That’s just bad form, not to mention tacky.

4) Then he praises Dark Knight Rises as one of the best films of 2012 while simultaneously insulting it, not just pointing out any niggly issues, outright insulting the movie and Nolan.

“It has it’s problems, especially Nolan’s reluctance to make Batman himself  especially interesting, and the pay off with Bane SO anticlimactic after such a  brilliant build up.”

5) His best film of 2012? The Grey aka Liam Nesson Punching Wolves… out of ALL the movies that came out in 2012…


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It’s been announced via Twitter, Hugh Jackman will indeed be in Days of Future Past.

What does this mean for DOFP? Depends on how big of a role the man plays. I still think that Wolvie would be the best option for time traveler due to his ageless-ness, but at the same time I cringe at the thought of another Wolverine-centric movie (there are other mutants people).

Singer did X1 and X2 which were basically the Wolverine-Show with Some Other Guys… he obviously likes the character… let’s just hope that if Wolvie does get that central part this doesn’t mean the other characters will get side-lined. Wolvie can do his job, deliver the info, follow some orders, and let the rest of them do what they do best…


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Going to try something new, unless there is a news article I really want to talk about or is just really big in its own right, then I’ll post some news round-ups which will allow me to not clutter as much and also include some articles I wouldn’t post individually anyway.

io9 – Marvel writer Dan Slott is getting death threats for the leaked ending of Spider-Man #700
some people take comics way to seriously… as the article points out, it’s a comic book, wait a dozen story arcs and whatever ticked you off will be retconned or rendered moot

ComicBookMovie – Jeph Loeb Reveals When We Should  Expect To See The First Episode Of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Hint, it’s Fall 2013, to get it in with the new Marvel movies but before the new Avengers film, it’s also when my X-Men series starts!

ComicBookMovie – BSG Actor James Callis Lands  Guest-Starring Role In ARROW
James Callis, otherwise known as Old Spice, something to look forward to

ComicBookMovie – Samuel L. Jackson Talks  S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Series; Teases CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 Role

CinemaBlend – Science Explains Why The Hobbit Looks Weird in 48 Frames Per Second
as our future x-men and comic book movies are likely going to be influenced by how well The Hobbit and this experiment in 48fps does, thought it was both informative and relevant.

CinemaBlend – Amazing Spider-Man Sequel is Changing Electro’s Look, says Jamie Foxx
because you can draw this stuff on people, but real people can’t wear it…

ComicBookMovie – Next Year a Female Marvel Superhero Will Come Down With Cancer to Raise Awareness
Which leads to the question as to why this hasn’t happened before, and why don’t superheroes get sick as often as regular humans do? But yay for raising awareness.

io9 – The 1990s X-Men Cartoon Opening Recreated with Action Figures
I haven’t seen the video, computer issues, but the io9 people seem to think it’s good.

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Apparently, The Mummy is getting rebooted in 2014 according to ComicBookMovie. It’s already got a director and he states it will be a modern gritty reboot and have nothing to do with the Brendan Fraser movies.

As much as I liked the Fraser movies, and as much as I loathe gritty reboots, I have to sign off on this one. For one, as it’s pointed out, The Mummy goes way back to Boris Karloff in 1932 which was in turn inspired by real events and a story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It was originally envisioned as a horror film, Fraser’s films made it a bit more family friendly and fun, so this new reboot will take it back to the horror genre proper with a more modern spin.

Now let’s just see if they can make a decent film.

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